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    I should have really introduced myself here first..but..instead I barged in on another thread looking for actors.

    Anyway,..thank god someone set up some sort of cork based film forum/site. Thanks! I’m Fiona, ex student of UCC as of one year, interested in almost anything to do with being involved in filmmaking..though..ahem..not exactly skilled. Trying to make a film at the moment, hence the actor related post…once I find them, I think I should be set to make the thing. It’s hard to find actors, usually where I get stuck with films. If I could somehow morph into persons of varying ages and appearances..that would be handy, as I could hire myself. Oh well.


    Hello to all!
    I would like to join the meetings but never get the chance…you know always at work, now it will hopefully change, so hope to see you at the next one.
    Great web site!
    Good luck to everyone!


    Hey all.

    I’m Barry, I found the site a while back but never joined. I met some of the lads at the lighting workshop in the Savoy yesterday and decided maybe it’s time to show my face here.

    I studied Computer Game Design & Development in St. Johns and I just completed my HND in Multimedia in CSN.

    I’m interested in all aspects of film/TV production and also in audio and music produciton. My main area’s of interest and work are CGI. I use 3DS Max and Discreet Combustion.

    At the moment I don’t have a job so am available at almost any time to work. If anybody needs a hand in any production, not just in CGI, I’ll be more than willing so gimme a shout!

    Good luck!


    A hello from me as well!

    Joined a few weeks back but didn’t get round to saying hello.

    I went last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Some great shorts, especially; Heavy Metal Drummer, She Loves Me Not, Roof Sex, and 15. Can’t wait for next months.

    A little about me:

    I moved to Cork City from England two months ago, having studied architecture at UWE in Bristol for the last 7 years. Unfortunately my desire to become an architect is no longer there!

    I’ve really got into film over the last few years, and have aspirations to write/direct films. But I’m at a really really early stage at the moment in terms of film making/writing; my technical knowledge is very limited. I’ll be working in an architects practice to pay the bills but will be looking to develop my love for film in my spare time.

    Therefore, I’d be willing to get involved in anyone’s project, to help out in anyway, just to understand the film making process. I’ll be keeping an eye out on the boards regularly.






    I’m Matt and i too am an analcoholic,

    Nah Just messing. Have been meaning to join your site since i saw that thing in the roundy with the films and the people there. My Mate Duff (aka Duff) did a music video with yee for his toilet song. It was Great.

    But anyway i have a great interest in Good movies with scripts and so on. Trying to write myself but i dont really have a flair for words and i could possibly be the worst sentence constructor in the history of the man kind era of life………
    I have bad syntax is what i am saying.I do have some very good ideas and would love to be somewhat apart of what you guys are doing in anyway.



    welcome matt, glad you could build up the courage to go online and tell the world about your alcoholism/comic genius, looking forward to reading some of your funny scripts!


    Corkonians, I salute you,

    The name’s Stephen, I literally live down the road from Mr. Wallace, though we’ve never met…I have…issues… :smash:

    I’m a writer, just starting out really, curently working on a feature-length script about the north side of the City. I’m a self-confessed Star wars nut…badmouth the prequels at your peril :machinegun: <img loading=” title=”Razz” />

    Not sure what else to say…I’m single, looking for a good time and looking to meet women with large…oops soory, wrong site :lol:

    glad to be here, and hope to have the opportunity to work with my fellow Corkonians someday.


    Nice one Stephen,
    Of Course alcohol is not a requirement for the christmas party , We have a number of teetotal members who come along. But if you’re busy clocking away at the script we’ll forgive you. Nice to see you on board !!


    "Sean":1772f wrote:
    Nice one Stephen,
    Of Course alcohol is not a requirement for the christmas party , We have a number of teetotal members who come along. But if you’re busy clocking away at the script we’ll forgive you. Nice to see you on board !!


    Santa will just have to wait, there’s writing to be done :lol:


    Hi amigos and a very happy new year on this snow covered first day of spring,



    Useless Information!
    First entry 2 year ago, courtesy of "A FRIEND" recently purchased a pc so hopefully I will be in touch more often and if not it means im still computer illiterate, thanks to my only friend <img loading=” title=”Sad” /> for writing this for me.


    Should we have a christmas Party ?

    I think yes

    to get everyone back in the mood for Filming in 2011

    What does everyone think ?

    Avatar photoSeanBreathnach

    It’s a big YES from me.





    does one need an excuse?

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