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    Names Dan, I am the admin, If you guys need any help just send me a message or an email, I’ll be happy to help!

    I am currently based in Cork and most of my work will be shot here, but If the situation is right of course I am willing to travel (maybe L.A!, :wink: )

    I hope you guys use it and I look forward to working with you in the future!

    See you all at the Oscars! :lol:


    Well now I can’t let him take all the credit now . Well actually I probably can cause he’s put enormous work into this , Don’t let his casual "fun and games"
    Tone fool you too much though , egomotion is a pro outfit and is going up. I’m serious this ones got drive and we’ll be having fun in the future on good solid projects and turning out excellent productions .

    I like success and only back winners me , and I’m backing this .

    anyway let’s hope this forum gets a good collective together and creates a community that can grow and shape film in a positive way , it’s a good way forward if you ask me so get posting !!

    Sean Wallace


    Hi I’m Derick…. I have been acting for a number of years but have never shot a film, or done much work on camera apart from a couple of music videos with some friends. http://www.claycastlemusic.com

    I was lucky enough to meet Dan at a Film Actors Workshop a couple of weeks ago and I’m hoping to gain some experience.

    Kick Ass Site guys, hope to see a lot more members in the future!!


    Hey,my names Maria. Great site Dan and Sean !
    Love the new lime !


    Hi Maria n Robin! glad you could join us! :lol:


    Hey my names Adrian.I heard about this site from my sister Maria.Ive always been interested in film making, especially editing,Ive recently done an editing course in New York with the New York film academy, and im currently at St Johns doing a TV and FILM Production course.So if you want an editer,camera man,sound etc… Id be more than happy to get on board.
    Great site:)


    Welcome To the Site Maria , Robin and Adrian ,

    Be sure to look around the different threads and don’t be afraid to Post !!!

    Keep an eye out for Future Projects !!! There’s a few intersting ones in the Pipeline



    Welcome John ,

    Use the Forum Luke , use the Forum !!.

    Browse around and get posting . Collaboration is the way forward !!




    I’m Jo, a complete & utter inexperienced actor, aside from school productions & stuff back in the day when I could sing. Unfortunately puberty took over & killed my singing career….. And it was so promising!! <img loading=” title=”Razz” />

    Anyhoo…. I haven’t been on stage in years & I’ve never really tried my hand at acting but the buzz from the spotlight is still a strong memory. So if anyone thinks I’m fabulous looking & wants to hire me, here I am!!


    Hi Jo

    Welcome to the Forum! We should be shooting a few shorts over the next two months , we have about three scripts in the pipeline, and there might be a part in there. Talk to Dan a bit more on that. Stay involved here and try and post up a C.V in the actors section.


    PS did you see a poster or Pop in from the PROC ?



    HA!! I did actually, how’d you guess?? Timing I suppose…..

    My username here is different to PROC’s though. Totally different forum persona.

    I’ll now go search for the CV section, still no experience though! <img loading=” title=”Smile” />


    Coolabula !!

    Gaining experience is one of the aims in here , I reckon make your mistakes and learn from them on a few free projects , have a laugh while you’re at them and you’ll be well rounded off when it comes to the paying gigs, and repeat work comes from a good show when theres cash there.

    That’s what I think anyway



    Hi, I’m Aidan and I’m an alc…, oh wait wrong forum…

    I’m Aidan, musician over from the PRoC forums, if you’re looking for music for any of these shorts either tracks or scoring stuff, let me know. We’d love to get our songs into movie shorts etc. and our singer is a Bmus who I think would be well up for any scoring challenges.. Our band’s called Kilterr and can be found at http://www.kilterr.com and http://www.myspace.com/kilterr

    Nice site, good luck with it all..


    Hi Aidan,
    Thanks for logging in . We’ll keep ya in mind. We’re hoping to build this up as an interactive kinda place so check back and see what’s happening from time to time. never know who might be logging in here .

    Listening to a track "Stay" now. Not bad now.



    Hey guys welcome to the forum, its great to see things kicking off, this is really just the beginning, dont forget to spread the word! The more the merrier! :wink: like!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 81 total)
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