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    Hey everyone,

    My name is Damien Coughlan and like to call myself a film maker. I recently finished the film making course in St.Johns (which I highly reccomend to anyone who is considering getting into the Industry). I am pretty familiar with every aspect of the Industry and could work in all departments. However my true talents lie in Directing, Writing, Editing and Sound. At the moment I’m looking for as much experience as possible working on good production shorts or features. I have quite a few decent contacts but am looking for a lot more to make it easier to assemble crews, get actors etc.

    At the moment I’m waiting on news for a job as trainee AD on ‘Strength and Honour’ which, if I get, will have be busy for about 7 weeks but after that I’ll be looking for any other work I can get.

    If anyone would like to see my scripts or films I’ll be glad to send copies and likewhise if someone wants me to look at some of their stuff I’d be happy to give my opinion.

    That’s all for now.

    Damien C


    Hi Damo! welcome ya mad lookin fecker ya!

    Im sure we will meet some time soon, and get workin n stuff!

    [quote:5923e]If anyone would like to see my scripts or films I’ll be glad to send copies[/quote:5923e]

    send em on mate!

    could do with a few to be honest!


    Hi everyone, i just joined today. <img loading=” title=”Razz” /> I’m based in Cork city for a year at least, just finished up college and would like to do as much acting as possible now. <img loading=” title=”Razz” /> Have some acting experience in feature films, student films, low budget stuff, stage and stunt work. Will post my Cv and photo on the relevant section soon.
    I also like costume design. <img loading=” title=”Razz” />
    Really love all aspects of film.


    Welcome along Faye.
    Make sure you check out the anouncements as we’re having a meet n greet
    night on Thursday evening if you can make it along.




    I have just joined this forum recently, alas too late to come to the meet and greet night. I am based in Cork, I am finishing the last year of my music degree in UCC. I have experience working on feature films, student films, low-budget films and promotional/role-playing work. Have also done a bit of stage and stunt work. I’d like to get as much acting done as I can this year as hopefully next year when I finish my degree I can concentrate on it fully. I also love costume design, script writing etc… basically all things film related. <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />


    hey guys, my name is oisin mac coille and like damien i just finished the course in st johns (hi damien) I’m just wondering if ye have any tips on someone balancing their dream job, in my case writing and directing, with a well paying responsible albeit mediocre job. i have written and shot some stuff and thanks to st johns feel confident that i can work in any department on a shoot any feedback would be great.

    oisin mac c.

    Andrew Walsh

    hey im Andrew, im 15, i got involved in acting accidentally thru me uncle(frank). the only experience i have is being an extra in strenght & honour and iv done a film (class party) with danny that should be good crack


    Big welcome to all the new members

    We’re delighted and excited at the prospect of the projects coming up and
    are really looking forward to working with you all over the months and years to come.

    This community is really building into what I see will be a solid basis for Film in Cork. and that heartens me .

    Keep checking things out , and post up regularly.


    Sorry about taking so long to sign up lads! Good work again on the site.

    Also curious about how youse got on with the Commando film project thing?


    Welcome on in Jay
    Have a look around

    Two Films screened in it
    "Zzzzz" by Sean Breathnach ( featuring a real actress and all Aine Ni ? Drogeineach ? ( Sorry bout the spelling ) ) ,
    " Monitor " by Dan O’Connell
    enjoyed it immensely and bonding was great .

    Didn’t win it though , but still enjoyed it.

    Got to go home now , the wife is waiting on the chicken !!


    Hello Jay! glad we met at the film festival, its always great to meet kindred spirits with similar ideas.

    Yep, as Sean said we were really chuffed with the film fest screenings but more importantly it gave us a chance to meet and work with lots of people from the forum, made a good few friends on that project, its nice to have a non virtual relationship going on as well like!

    Hope we can hook up again, next time in dublin maybe, I would also love an opportunity to work with you on some project in the future! both films will be going live in our screening room on the site soon so check back later to have a peek.

    Keep up the good work with filmmakersnetwork.

    PS, keep an eye out for our newest project "Class party" on the robbie willams site, going up on Wed/thu this week.

    "Dan":8419a wrote:
    I would also love an opportunity to work with you on some project in the future! [/quote:8419a]

    Was thinking about this for a wee bit after you said something similar at the Cork Film Fest. First idea was a short film made half and half by two teams. Title: "Dublin vs. Cork: Let’s settle this once and for all!" Basically the preparation and build up for a almighty scrap between Dubs and Corkonians held in neutral territory of Urlingford or somewhere. Bit of nonsense but could be good laugh. Anyways just something to think about…

    Will definitely check the films out. Wanted to enter a film for the Robbie Williams yoke but didn’t get hit with the inspiration in time… Best of luck with that.


    Do ya think the Dubs could find Urlingford ? <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />

    Maybe a real neutral venue , like New York or summat. ( film board might have a few pound handy )

    I think the theme should be " If all the Cork People moved out of Dublin Would the City collapse into anarchy ? "


    hehe im cracking up :lol:

    great idea though, like helms deep, an epic piece of film! hundreds of extras and about 10 main characters, has to be a bout something really simple though, i dunno maybe a bull, hehe.


    Urlingford’s on the way outta Cork back to civilisation – Dubs know that much…

    Anarchy? You mean what Cork is like right now. I mean it’ll be lovely when it’s finished – once you get things like pavements and all.


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