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    Thank you for letting us know. :wink:

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    Hi Gavin, it says that the video is currently unavailable? 😉


    this is really cool. . . :grin:

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    Hi, I have a Canon 5D MKII for rent if anyone is interested, please check:

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    "Faye" wrote:
    Weapons training: Ongoing training in Medieval weapons; Sword, axe, spear and longbow with U.C.C’s Medieval and Renaissance society.
    Member of the society of Black shields.
    Swimming: Gained 500 metre badge.
    Martial Arts: Focus Freestyle Kickboxing training. Competent at cycling and football.

    I like the sword in medieval weapons, how about you?

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    hey my name is joey i am 22. i think i could be good for any part and could do my one stunts if needed.. if you want more info you can contact me at

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    hi my name is joey i am 22 years old and i can do everything, dirt bike, snow board ,wake board ,surf, just about everything. i am also an a very good swimmer and a bit of an adrenaline junkie and have always wanted to be a stunt man since i was a little … for more info you can contact me at

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    Hmmmn I’d like to help out but I’ll only be available after 6pm though

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    hey all

    i am definately looking for work in this area of freerunning and stunt so if anybody wants me you no my email. [b:31dzpwg4] [/b:31dzpwg4]

    i have also just done my high falling stunt course so i am qualified to high fall onto an air bag.


    Ryan Offer

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    Hey guys I’m new to Cork moved here from Waterford in September to study acting in Kinsale. I like it so far so that means I’ll be here a while so that means putting my name in every hat in town! Including this place. I have more of a theatre background but Cork seems to be more of a film town so I’ll have to learn to turn my acting down and make less declamatory gestures or I might punch the lens! I was up in St. John’s college the other day for the open casting. I have a good feeling they’ll use me because out of a large amount of people there I was one of the few with a prepared piece. I chose something from the Shining, good choice for film students. So anyway I hope someone can use me for something, I’m down for whatever as long as it involves acting. My personality is I’m a nice guy and a good laugh but you’ll have to take my word for that.

    Richard Clare
    086 3130350

    D.O.B: 20/04/86
    Height: 5’10”
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown(bleached blonde)
    Build: Slim
    Voice: Tenor

    William Shakerspeare in DIVERSIONS: THE SCOTTISH PLAY Dir: Emma Power Kenneally’s Bus
    Alistair in THREE CARD TRICK Dir: Gerry Oakes Granary
    Fisherman/Film Buff/Farmer in WIP Dir: James Rockett The Arch
    Herr Manager in REQUIEM Dir: Horatio Mihaiu Garter Lane
    Boy Soldier in LAND OF STUFF Dir: Scott Johnston Garter Lane
    Hologram Pete in 2HEAVEN Dir: Marcus Quinlan Garter Lane
    Youth in BUS STOP Dir: Jim Daly Garter Lane
    Various characters in KATALISTIC LOKIO AND THE DEMON PLAYS Dir: Red Kettle Garter Lane

    Guy in LEVELING UP Dir: Shane Murphy Stickman
    Leader in ZOMBIE ON THE LOOSE Dir: Brendan O’ Brian WYD Eye Films
    Grunger(1996) in PS I LOVE YOU Dir: Richard LaGravenese Alcon

    Announcer in ACTION LEAGUE NOW! College Radio
    John Sullivan in EARTH B INTRO College Radio

    Soldier in CARMEN Cork Opera House

    Performance Accompaniment in MUSIC FOR THE END OF TIME Dir: Kate McCarthy College Street Chapel
    Rumplestilskin in GRIMM FAIRY TALES Dir: Kate McCarthy The Arch
    Jellyfish in ARGHHH! Spraoi
    Gaucho in YEEHAW! Spraoi
    Sailor in IRON TIDE Spraoi
    Newspaper Editor St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
    Bob in BOB’S BOOK Children’s Book Festival

    Tommy Crosse in MOVING GRAPHIC NOVEL MGN Productions
    Baby in MILK IT! Marie McNamara
    Scarlet P. Cox’s Man Pet in CULT OF KINK Liquid Lounge

    In the Palm of Your Hand Belinda Wild Drama League of Ireland
    Comedy Improv Masterclass Marcus Bale Kinsale FEC
    Alexander Technique Rosemary Moon Kinsale FEC
    Full Masks Sally Elsbury Kinsale FEC
    Dance Lucy French Kinsale FEC
    Wigs and Makeup Jenny Readman Kinsale FEC

    Former member of Waterford Youth Drama
    Founding member of Bag of Trees theatre company Waterford
    Member of Spraoi
    Member of Waterford Dramatic Society[attachment=0]Picture 207.jpg[/attachment][attachment=0]Picture 207.jpg[/attachment][attachment=0]Picture 207.jpg[/attachment]

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    Well…The last two consecutive girls ive dated which they each had know connection what so ever both ended up being lesbians…I once got drunk freshman year at college went to a complete strangers house who happen to be a 75 year old lady and I was vacumming her carpet and she thought I was her grandson…Basically "Yuel Brenner" John, My life by myself could fuel a forrest fire of comedy scenes for a while…I would love to share my ideas as well as take in some. If the position is still available when do i start?

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    well, video production are made to mirror lives of many and to make profit at the same time. it’s a passion for some, entertaining and addictive. it’s also a way to express what can’t be directly say. it is so boundless that it can pertain to everybody’s story. :injured:


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    hey lads

    The easiest way to do this BY FAR is to use alginate and gelatin. Gelatin is way easier to get than any of these two part silicone yokes. Also it does not shrink or discolour. It looks a lot like skin because of its translucency and even has a simular feel. A lot of the info on the net about moulding, casting and model making in general is dodgy so be careful.

    If you are on a lo/no budget thing than plaster and latex is the way forward. Cheap and cheerful if not a little shrinky…



    I’d like to major in film studies of some sort, and minor in theatre? Does this sound like a good idea? I think the two of them would go well together. I attend my community college for my basic courses right now for financial reasons. What else should I be doing or looking into to be ready to fulfill my goals? What should I be doing in preparation to apply for film school to be a screenwriter/director?
    film college[/url:1825sr1u]

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