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    Use this area to display your face! make sure to upload an avatar in your profile so any budding "Peter Jacksons" can see your amazing potential!

    It doesnt hurt to give a sense of your personality either, a director always wants to know the type of people he/she is dealing with.

    If you dont know how to save your avatar (photograph signature) in 150 x 150 pixel fromat just email me with a photo and i’ll add it to your profile, no probs :wink:

    heres my email address again just in case you cant find it


    Hello everyone,

    Decided to sign up after reading about this site on the proc. It’s about time Cork had something like this.

    Edit: I’m Joe, 25 no acting experience at all but that has not stopped people from casting orlando bloom.

    Theres nothing i would not do for a director.


    Hey everyone
    I’m eoin I’m a 28th year old Sales executive with years of acting expierience.
    Here’s a short cv of work I’ve done.

    April 03 Godspell John the Baptist/Judas
    Nov 04 The Savage Sex Pierre Pardeu
    Jan 05 The Wiz The Lion
    Mar 05 The Communication Cord Tim
    Nov 05 The weirdest honeymoon ever Doc
    Dec 05 Turn (Saveage Productions) Dillon.
    Mar/Apr 06 Son of Man Peter ( Toured the All Ireland Three Act circuit)
    May 06 Blood Brothers Narrator.
    Oct 06 Risks Taken Sean ( Winner of the Best Actor Award at the Balincollig Festival of One Act Drama and Best Supporting Actor at the Castlelyons One Act Drama Festival)
    Oct 06 Jack Doyle Documentary for RTE Docker
    Feb 07 The king and I (National Tour) Interpretor.
    Apr 07 Jack The Ripper Dinky
    Jun 07 My ball ( Winner of the best short film at the International film festival of South Africa)
    Oct 07 Five Kinds of Silence (National Tour , All Ireland runner up) Physciatrist/Detective
    Feb 08 Viva Mexico Pablo
    Mar 08 As some tall cliff Billa
    Additional Information.
    Acting Age : 23 to 35
    Accents : Cork , Dublin , Northern Ireland, Cockney , Scouser , U.S. New york , U.S. Mid west.

    I’m also vice chairman of a small amateur theatre company.


    Hello Im an actor from Cork,

    I was in a recent egomotion short film "Woods"

    My essential details are listed below:

    Playing Age: 47+

    Height: 182cm

    Hair: Blond/Gray

    Eyes: Blue

    Build: Broad & Slim

    Call me if you need me? <img loading=” title=”Cool” />



    My name is Alan, I’m 22 years old enthsuiastic and although I have no acting experience I’m willing to help out in front of and behind the camera.

    I live in Cork City centre and have a huge experience with computers (hardware, software and networking etc..) and some with sound equipent.

    Contact me if you need anything as I think this website has a very noble aim which can only benefit the culture of Cork.

    (Will post pic soon when I get the chance!)


    My name is Emmet, I’m 18. Don’t have much professional experience (just started getting auditions) though I’ve been acting with friends in our own short films, comedy skits etc. for years.

    Playing Age: 16 – 21

    Height: 5′ 9"/10"

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Brown

    Build: Slender/medium

    Special Skills: Martial arts, skateboarding, good artist, good Irish and French.

    I can do most accents, incl. all Irish accents, scottish, london and other british accents, U.S. – New york, southern, californian etc.
    European accents also.
    Also quite good at impersonations, comedy etc.

    2006 Acting for Screen 1 Irish Film Actors Workshop
    2004 Gaiety School of Acting
    2003 Gaiety School of Acting Youth Theatre
    2002 Cork Film Centre Workshop

    Choose me………. or you’re already dead…..


    So mostly Iv only worked in theatre but if anyone would like to take a chance on a wee film amateur please do:

    Age: 25
    Height: 5’1”
    Build: Petite and curvy
    Hair: Long Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Playing Ages: 16-28
    Accents: Varied Irish, Australian, Welsh, Cockney, Liverpool,
    French, Standard American, Southern American.

    (Mar) Suicide Notes – Mena – Cyclone – The Stack Theatre – Peadar Donohoe
    (Feb) Love is…Shakespeare – Juliet, Lady Macbeth – The Stack Theatre – Peadar Donohoe
    (Jan)Occasions Themed Event – Squaw, Salon hooker – Radisson SAS – Neil Pearson
    (Oct,Nov) The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon – Numerous – George Hanover
    (Oct) Suicide Notes – Mena – Peadar Donohoe
    (Sep) Cork Acts Out – The Childrens Hour (Martha)
    (Jul) Marriage by the Book – Josephine – Lindsey Crean
    (Jun,Jul) The Hairy Ape – Snob – Pat McKeirnan
    (May,Jun)The Children of Lir – Finnula- Laura Daly
    (Nov) Suicide Note – Mena- Peadar Donohoe
    (Mar,Apr,May) Haunted History Tour – Woman in Court/Mary Murphy – Yvonne Coughlan
    (May–Oct)Medieval Banquets – Numerous Parts – Stella Walsh
    (Dec)Babes in the Woods – Maid Marion – Jamie Monagan
    (May) Our Country’s Good – Numerous parts – Marion Wyatt
    (May) Female Transport – Marion Wyatt
    (Apr) Life Long Learning(film)– Speaker – Padraig Trehy
    (Apr) Kings of Cork(film) – Groupie – Padraig Trehy
    (Mar) For Good(film)– Jo – Conner Crowley
    (Feb) A Day in the Life(film) – Sam – Brian Twomey.
    2004(Dec) Works of Patrick Kavanagh – Numerous – Tim Murphy
    (Oct – Dec) Princess (Character Work) – Action Entertainment
    (Jun–Oct) Anything but the Sound of Music – Octapussy – Declan Wolfe
    (Apr) Anything but the Sound of Music – Numerous – Declan Wolfe

    Additional Training/Skills
    L.A.M.D.A Gold Medal in Acting
    Diploma in Theatre Performance
    Diploma in Dance Performance
    Diploma in Theatre Production and Design
    Diploma in Skin Treatment
    Qualified Make-up Artist
    I.S.T.D. Anatomy and Physiology Examination
    Horse Riding
    Qualified Hair Colour Technician
    Trained in Child Protection
    Qualified Youth Leader
    I.S.T.D. (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance) Modern Dance Examination


    My name is Emma-eliza, I’m 18. Just have started getting auditions for features/tv series/commercials, though I’ve been acting in short films,music videos and plays for the last few years.
    I am also a dancer,have a diploma in dance (distinction)

    Playing Age: 14 – 21

    Height: 5′ 3

    Hair: Dark brown

    Eyes: Brown&green

    Build: Slender/medium

    Special Skills: Ballet/jazz&contempary dancing,athlethic,horse-riding, writing poetry, good artist, fluent Irish and good Spanish.

    Kathy Bates Workshop,Galway Film Fleadh
    Margie Harber Audition Technique
    Irish Film Actors Studio(JOHN CANTWELL)
    Acting for screen(SEAMUS HUGHES)

    John Howard

    Name: John Ryan Howard

    Age: 24

    Playing age: 20-32

    Height: 6ft Hair: Black Weight: 11stone Eyes: Blue

    Film Work:

    2010 Vanished
    2010 Gone Golfin’
    2010 A Coxless Pair
    2010 A Slight Case Of Sexual Harassment
    2010 The Family Burden
    2009 Waterbabies
    2009 Narco
    2009 The Night Walkers
    2009 The Waiting Room & The Waiting Room 2
    2008 Henry V
    2008 Our Day Out
    2006 84
    2006 Class Party – EgoMotion directed by Dan O’ Connell
    2006 DC Batman – C.I.T directed by Will Sliney
    2006 Shattered – Dun Laoghaire I.T directed by Tom Burke
    2005 Deception – C.I.T directed by Will Sliney
    2005 The Not So Late Show – St. Johns C.C directed by John Finnegan
    2005 Fire in the Hole – St. Johns C.C directed by D. O’ Mahony
    2005 Ten Minutes – St. Johns C.C directed by Trevor Wilson

    Theatre Work:

    2010 ”Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge”, directed by Laura Daly
    Role: Clarence/Edvar

    2010 ”Scrooge”, directed by Maria O’ Donovan
    Role: The Storyteller

    2009 ”Translations”, directed by Cal Duggan
    Role: Owen (Lead)

    2008 ”A Flea In Her Ear”, directed by Belinda Wild
    Role: Etienne (Lead)

    2007 ”The Hills Have Cabbages” directed by Belinda Wild
    Role: Donal (Lead)

    2007 ”Juno & the Paycock”, directed by Tony Cierans
    Role: Jerry Devine

    2007 ”The Government Inspector”, directed by Belinda Wild
    Roles: Svistunov, Korobkin, 1st Merchant and Waiter

    2007 ”Once A Catholic”, directed by Suzan Murphy
    Role: Derek

    2006 ”The Magic Show” – directed by Ian and Belinda Wild
    Role: Dectective Richards


    2 Years Full-Time Comprehensive Acting Training Programme led by Belinda & Ian Wild.
    Acting for Screen & Audition Technique with Hollywood Acting Coach Margie Haber.
    Stage Combat classes with fight instructor Donal Courtney.
    Acting skills- Gaiety school of acting
    Method Acting- Gaiety school of acting
    Advanced Acting- Gaiety school of acting
    Acting for screen- Irish Film actors workshop with Shane Munro


    Good range of accents- American, British, Australian, French, Italian, Polish etc.
    Good comprehension of direction
    Stage combat classes
    Full Driving Licence
    Club basketball
    Pool & Bowling

    John Ryan Howard videos available on YouTube – Vanished, Gone Golfin’, The Family Burden, A Slight Case Of Sexual Harassment, A Coxless Pair, The Waiting Room and John Ryan Howard Showreel.

    Contact @

    Andrew Walsh

    hey ,

    My name is Andrew . I live in Carrigtohill , Co.Cork. Have a look and let me know what you think and drop me a line if i suit your requirements . 💡

    Age:16(but people say i look between 18 and 20)

    Height: 6′ 4" (194)

    Hair: short and realy dark brown

    Eyes: brown



    iv been an extra in strength & honour & iv been in the film ‘class party’


    I also play sports i.e hurling , soccor , football and i go to the gym 😉


    Hi All,

    I have no previous experience but would love to act in some of your shorts, call me if you guys need me for anything.


    Well, I’m Doreen and I’m 19 years old.

    PLAYING AGE: 16-20.

    HEIGHT: 5ft, 4in.

    HAIR: Blonde-brown.

    EYES: Blue.

    BUILD: Stocky, Roley-poley!

    SKILLS: Can drive a car, play piano and guitar, paint, draw.

    Mostly theatrical work.
    Martin Luther King: The Musical(1999):Rosa Parks.
    St. Als Idiots(2003): Mrs. Moriarity.
    As You Like It(2004): Duke Frederick.

    I can be e-mailed at,
    or I can be texted at 087-1312200.


    Oh right, me CV!

    Age – 30 but I can pass for about 26.

    Height – 5ft, 1.5in.

    Build – Small but kinda curvy.

    Hair – Long, Brown/Dark Red.

    Eyes – Brown/Green, depending on who’s gazing into them.

    Weight – I don’t know, I refuse to be a slave to the scales!

    Experience – in my pre-pubescent days, when I could sing, (alas, how I mourn for my voice…), I was always involved in school productions, singing obviously, they never had much call for acting. The voice broke somewhere in my teens but that didn’t stop me from singing my little heart out for my fellow students. Then I realised I was not destined to be the next Mariah Carey so I stopped with the singing in public after secondary school. Acting experience would be zilch but I did do a 3 week stint back-stage at the Everyman Palace.

    It’s been a LOOOOOOOOOONG time since I did anything performance wise so I imagine the nerve factor would be quite high. However, fuck it! I still remember the buzz of the spotlight so I think it’s about time I got back on that horse.


    Heres my CV; :P

    PM for info.


    Height: 5ft. 5in.
    Eyes: Blue-green.

    Relevant Experience:

    2006; Recital lady/ Jane Austen fan in feature film; “Becoming Jane”, a Jane Austen biopic.
    2005: Lead speaking role in “Friend of a friend” a student film for the 2005/06 film festival.
    2005-2006: Choreographed and live combat displays for parades and events.
    2004:Acting for film, television, and commercials course- Irish film actors workshop, by Shane Munro.
    2004/03: Main part in “Bleeding lip”, short film by the UCC film society, for the 2004 film festival.
    2003: Samurai warrior in introductory logo sequence, for U.C.C’s film society.
    2003: Played Evil demon in; “Dance of the red death” by Nocturne
    2003: Involvement in making of “The chamber”, by Nocturne.
    2003: Employed as lookalike for Hermione Granger for the launch of “Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix”, by the Wexford Book-centre, for meet and greet, publicity & promotion, Book readings etc.
    1993-1998: Member of Drama group, performing in productions of;
    “Oliver!”, “Annie get your gun”, “Joseph and his Technicolor coat”,
    “Noah and his floating Ark”, “My fair lady”, “Little Women” and “The Emperor and the nightingale”.
    Weapons training: Ongoing training in Medieval weapons; Sword, axe, spear and longbow with U.C.C’s Medieval and Renaissance society.
    Member of the society of Black shields.
    Swimming: Gained 500 metre badge.
    Martial Arts: Focus Freestyle Kickboxing training. Competent at cycling and football.


    Name: John Roche


    Interests: Art (digital, traditional), sport (mainly soccer), film (watching), Reading (Robert Jordan, George R.R. Martin), Comics (Frank Miller)

    Experience: A few speech and drama classes eons ago and an acting class about five years ago

    Characteristics: 6ft 1, brown (chestnut :lol: ) hair, slender athletic build

    After watching movies (and cause I’ve watched so bleedin many it’s amazing I don’t have glasses) I feel that the best way to act is to act normal/ put as much of yourself into the role as possible… I’m not saying I have the charisma of such actors as Sean Connery or Clint Eastwood, but to watch their films there is always a certain (I believe "a large") measure of the same person in every character they play… Personally, I believe acting is like telling a lie, and the best way to tell a lie is to put as much truth into it as possible to disguise the truth from the lie.. This is what I see happening when I watch actors (good actors) struting their stuff…. Personally, I believe on a good day I could convince God that a lie is truth or the truth a lie…. [/color:8d9ec]

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