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    Hi everyone.
    I’m looking to put together, or join a group of people interested in writing comedy sketches. I also want to know if their any directors, actors or anybody else who wants to take part in this thing. It would be starting up right from the bottom. In other words, no money, no experience no anything. What I’m looking to do is create a kind of Monty Python group. Everybody does a bit of everything, although if you have a speciality then you’d be doing a lot more of that.

    A good group of five to ten people would be able to make pilot episodes a lot easier than just one or two people on their own and may stand a better chance of getting funds.

    So, anybody interested give me a shout. I also want to read other peoples sketches or ideas for sketches. So attach them here and let’s have a look.

    I’ve attached one of my own sketches to this Thread. Please feel free to read it and comment on it. All comments will be gratefully received.

    It’s called. “Deciphering the Grunting Language of the Teenage Boy.” Some of the members from the writers section may have already seen an earlier version of this.

    John Howard


    myself and a buddy of mine have just started writing short comedy sketches there and hoping to film them and all that soon enuff. Im at the end of a 2 yr full-time acting course in kinsale and my buddy the same, id be more than happy to collaborate with you on this stuff….

    I suppose a meeting with the few of us anyways in the coming couple of weeks. Im in kinsale most the time and the other guy lives in kinsale all the time. Would you be close to there? Or far away or what?




    Hey John great to hear from you.

    I’m beginning to feel like Youl Brenner in the magnificent seven as one by one people come forward.

    So far I have two writers and a director, my self included, who are interested.
    The plan for the moment is to collect as many names and details as I can because there is bound to a certain amount of drop off as we get close to actually putting something together.

    Then I will arrange a get together where we can all talk about what it is we are looking to do and where we can go from there.

    One of the lads is in the middle of a production and won’t be ready for another couple of weeks anyway.

    As for location? The three so far are all in Dublin but don’t worry about that, we can arrange a meeting somewhere central. Ireland isn’t exactly the biggest country, so a bit of driving for something we are truly interested in doing shouldn’t be a problem. And if it is well then the interest wasn’t really there to begin with.

    John, is you friend interested as well? If so get him to drop me a line too would you.

    I see from your posting that you’re an actor and that you’ve written some comedy sketches? Great. Post some of the sketches here for me to have a look at would you or e-mail them to me.

    If you have done anything on you-tube that I could get a look at that would be great. If you haven’t don’t worry about it.

    All are welcome.

    Send me an E-mail to hanman100@hotmail.com and list what it is you want to do.

    Talk to you soon.



    hi aaron, hey john
    im a camera op. and editor. once ye get some ideas on paper, scripted, budgeted etc. i’d love to have a look at them, especially if yourself, Seb and Robbie are involved John.
    if its something i get a feeling for i can assemble the crew and edit and deliver the finished article.

    I wouldn’t mind having 2 or 3 high quality shorts (max 5 mins) to submit to Futureshorts and Festivals.

    Like yourselves, its a busy time of year for me so keep me posted and if i can help with anything let me know.



    I’m a comedy script writer and am currently written a comedy short which is yet to be maid and a comedy short series.

    mail me on cantycreations@gmail.com



    I’d be interested in this – I definitely like writing comedy sketches (or trying to write them I should say), and the idea of a getting a group together to make a series of sketches sounds good. I’m big Monty Python fan and I think it works a lot better if the people writing&brainstorming the sketches actually act in them/direct them..sometimes it’s hard to explain what sort of comic tone you’re after to someone’s who’s outside the whole project. Apart from writing, I do have a camera, and I’ve filmed some shorts, and basically I’m willing to take part/help in all areas.

    Let me know anyway if meeting up about this sure. I’ve attached the only 2 sketch type things I seem to be able to locate on my computer at the moment. Think the school reunion one is already posted in the writers section.



    Hi Tea Towel great to hear from you and glad to have you along.

    I’m starting to get a bit excited now. A lot of interest has been shown, particulary by writers.
    The first meeting will be in a couple of weeks. I hope to announce some possibe dates early next week.
    I agree with you about writing and acting in these sort of things. When i write a comedy sketch i hear the voices that are being spoken and sometimes that is where the comedy lies. It can be hard to convey with just text.

    Send me your e-mail addrees would you. The people that are interested are coming from a wide range of sites and i want to be able contact everyone all at once without having to jump from site to site. Send it to me at hanman100@hotmail.com

    Talk to you later.


    Hey, I’d be interested in this but I’m wary of the fact that you said we’d have to meet somewhere outside of Cork…I don’t own a car so not sure that I’d actually make a meeting but I’d like to keep up to date with what’s happening all the same.


    Hi Gemma.
    I got your e-mail, thanks for sending it.
    With rgards to the meeting. If i can get somewere on a train line i will arange it or perhaps if someone else is comming up from Cork, you might be able to get a lift.
    Once i have all the names in and a date is being set i will see who is coming from where and if some car pooling can be arranged.
    No pressure or anything. Leave it with me and i’ll see what cen be done. The peope on the list are from all over the place. One chap thought it might be a bit far, what with him living in Calafornia (no joke)


    California? Hah I’d swap cities with him for a while!
    I’m sure I’d sort something out anyway, it’ll be grand. Thanks for your help though.
    I’m sure I have some old sketches stashed away somewhere so I’ll go dig those out…


    great initiative, that’s what we like to see, and don;t forget if the physicality of meeting up becomes an issue there’s always cyberspace, we’d be glad to accommodate your new group in a separate section on egomotion, call it the comedy writers quild or something. And don’t forget there’s always a way to create a virtual meeting using a chat room.

    all that said though, there’s nothing really beats talking in person.


    Thanks for the encouragement Dan.
    And i love the new picture.


    Oh yeah and thanks for the offer too.
    I will add it to the Agenda for the first meeting.


    Hi Aaron,
    really liked the sketch,big fan of Monty Python,not the nine O’clock news etc..I feel I could really play the part of the presenter,sort of David Att style.Would love to be part of the team,only prob is working 9-5 mon fri in Cork!I,m 46 ,married ,2 grown up children living in Carrigaline,Co.Cork.Took the plunge to begin acting classes last Oct(after 25 yrs of just day dreaming about being an actor..only one life..)and really enjoy it!Aim is to do it full time.Again really liked the script.Best of luck,
    Declan Nash.(m)087-9406333.


    Hi Decbond.

    Glad you liked the sketch. If I can get it together there would be a series of those sketches, as the PRESENTER follows the teenager around, doing the things that teenagers do
    The first meeting will be on a Sunday in mid April. I will be setting the exact date by the middle of next week
    What I need you to do is e-mail me at hanman100@hotmail.com so that I can add you to the contacts list.

    Here’s the first part of another sketch series that I’m working on at the moment.
    Let me know what you think.


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