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    Check my details and more pictures at

    I am a german actress/ theatre performer/ singer living in Kinsale, Co. Cork, where I also studied Theatre Performance at the F. E. C. Kinsale with Belinda and Ian Wild.

    From Stage/TV/Film to Photo Shooting, I am always interested in new projects; also I like to work in backstage.

    At the moment I am looking for a composer to write the score for a musical I want to direct. Nothing operatic or Broadway, more in a modern folky style for ordinary voices with guitar/mandolin/banjo/violin/… Like to put it on for the KinsaleArtsWeek in July2007 :!:


    Hello there,
    I’m 24 years young, an actor, an artist and a kayaking and windsurfing instructor…

    Have completed two years of theatre performance and now I have the acting bug…I’m allways working on something,be it theatre, film or writing. Right now I’m looking to make a showreal.If I can get 20 seconds of good quality film from a 15 min short I’m happy! Keep me posted if anything comes up that I might be suitable for…



    A Touch of Earth, Film (Jack) 2007
    Hamlet, Theatre (Hamlet) 2007
    Woyzeck, Theatre (Astro Horse) 2007
    The Government Inspector, Thteatre (Khlestakov) 2007
    Sleeping Beauty, Panto (Kings Herald, Shout) 2007
    Blinded By The Light, Theatre (Pascal/Stranger) 2006
    A Midsummer Nights Dream, Theatre (Demetrius) 2006
    Turn, Film (Peter) 2005
    Death Comes From Behind, Film (Mick) 2005

    Other talents: Actor, Theatre
    Art, Painting
    Music Talent, Producer
    Gender: Male
    Age Range: 18 – 28 years of age
    Accents: American-NY, British, German, Indian, Irish, Italian, Scottish
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Fair
    Height: 6′ 3".
    Weight: 76 kg.
    Physique Athletic
    Languages Spoken: English
    Ethnicity: White/Caucasian


    David RamseyerActor
    Kinsale, Cork, IRL
    A charismatic new but seasoned actor

    I have lived life to the full, travelled the world, met all types and done nearly every job you can think of. I’m a liver of life and now am working to bring this enregy and zest for life and colour into an acting career.

    I’m studying at the Kinsale school of drama with one of the greatest teachers around, Belinda Wild. I love every minute of it and am thirsty to perfrom, whether it be for theatre or film.

    I am someone who can get on with pretty well anybody. I am enthusiastic, intelligent and smart and make a great team player.

    I now know what all the madness and craziness I have lived through and experienced throughtout my life has been leading to, and here I am, ready to work with all you creative and imaginative people out there.


    Professional Info Other talents: Film/TV/Stage Talent, Voice
    Gender: Male
    Age Range: 35 – 60 years of age
    Accents: British, Indian, Irish, Other
    Eye Color: Both Different
    Hair Color: Salt and Pepper
    Height: 1 m. 78 cm.
    Weight: 68 kg.
    Physique About average
    Languages Spoken: English
    Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
    Booking info: Expand for booking info
    Booking info:
    Experience: Under 1 year – Student
    Union Affiliation: Non-union

    Personal Info Interests: Gardening, walking, movies and theatre
    Favorite Music: Pretty eclectic really, but Indian, Reggae, Spanish & ‘world music’
    Favorite Books: Graham Greene, George Orwell, Thomas Hardy & anything good!
    Favorite Movies: Brazil, Apocolypse Now, Raging Bull, Blues Brothers, If, Monsoon Wedding……….
    Favorite Actors: Ben Kingsley, Gregory Peck, James Mason, Rod Steiger, Humphrey Bogart, Marlon Brando, Kevin Spacey, Patrick Stewart,Billy Bob Thornton………..
    Favorite TV shows: Frasier, Naked Camera,… don’t watch telly much
    People I’d like to meet: Stephen Fry, Nelson Mandela, Pedro Almovodar, Margaret Thatcher (! is she real!), David Niven, Ghandi, Osama Bin Laden, my dad
    Hometown: Kinsale, Co. Cork, Iraland
    Marital Status: Single
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Education: In college
    Income: Less than $30,000
    Smoker: No
    Drinker: Socially
    Children: Love kids, but not for me
    Astrological Sign: Cancer


    Hello jesus. Are you listening? It’s me Rob. I’ve finally gotten around to creating a new profile…….O and if you could get me a pony for christmas it would be greatly appreciated. :wink:


    thou shall be done my dear boy, anything else?


    This actor has no access to the web but asked if we could add his CV

    Andrew Walsh

    hey hey peoples just to wish all 1….2…..3…..100 of ye the bestest of best christmases and em somtin else as well iv forgoten now




    oh ye i remember now happy new year


    Hey Dan! Ya i cut my hair so i dont look anything like i did. Im gonna try and get a pic of me with short hair on my profile. :roll:


    yea no probs just email in


    Hi there!
    My name is Sinéad Dunphy. I did the drama and theatre studies degree in UCC, trained in contemporary dance for about 6 years and can sing fairly well.
    My details are as follows:
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Height: 5’2"
    Figure: Petite and curvy
    Playing Range: 21-35
    Skills: Dance, singing
    Dialects: Cork, Dublin, Waterford, Belfast, Cockney, American-New York,Boston, and Southern.
    Languages: English, Irish, German, A little french and a little Spanish

    For all relevant acting expereince, check out attached CV.


    Hi, I’m David Duff, I’m an electrician, I’m hairy, I juggle, I do stand up comedy, I have an album of my songs and if anyone wants to hear em’ they can go onto my ‘myspace’ or Bebo., Christ With A K is the name of the band thingy I’m in, I mainly/mostly do funny songs. Hmmm I dunno what else to say, loadsa people seem to mention the accents they can do, I can do a lot of accents I guess…erm….hmmm….I skateboard -though not as much as I used to- Dunno eh…I’d like to do something in something…maybe act as a guy…
    Oh eh, I’m 5′ 11" I’m 21 and my photo is what I look like -surprise surprise- I’ve never actually acted persay, but I have talked to myself a lot.


    Hi Dublin actor here with plenty of experience willing to travel!


    Kevin Dwane[/size:0c34c]

    [b:0c34c]Mobile:[/b:0c34c] 085-7237180,

    PERSONAL DETAILS[/size:0c34c]
    [b:0c34c]Playing Age:[/b:0c34c] 25 – 35 [b:0c34c]Height:[/b:0c34c] 5’10” [b:0c34c]Weight:[/b:0c34c] 10.5 stone
    [b:0c34c]Build:[/b:0c34c] Slim to medium [b:0c34c]Eyes: [/b:0c34c] [b:0c34c]Hair:[/b:0c34c] Dark Brown


    [b:0c34c]TRAINING: [/b:0c34c]
    Gaiety School of Acting – Acting For Camera 2. Jan 07 – Mar 07.
    Gaiety School of Acting – Acting For Camera 3. April 07 – Date.

    [b:0c34c]CIRCUS SKILLS:[/b:0c34c] Clowning, Balloon Modelling, Juggling, Face Painting.

    [b:0c34c]DRIVING: [/b:0c34c] Full clean B class driving licence.

    SCREEN EXPERIENCE[/size:0c34c]
    [b:0c34c]Date [/b:0c34c] Production [/size:0c34c]Role [Director]
    [b:0c34c]Mar 07[/b:0c34c] Shredder– [/size:0c34c] ([i:0c34c]AD– competition entry[/i:0c34c]) Office Clerk* [Dan O’Connell]
    [b:0c34c]Mar 07 [/b:0c34c]Danny Boy [/size:0c34c] ([i:0c34c]Student Short Film[/i:0c34c]) Mark* [Liam Cotter]
    [b:0c34c]Mar 07 [/b:0c34c] Fluff n’ Fuss[/size:0c34c] ([i:0c34c]Guerrilla Doc[/i:0c34c]) Klaus* [Cian Daily]
    [b:0c34c]Mar 07[/b:0c34c] Room 316 [/size:0c34c] ([i:0c34c]Student Short Film[/i:0c34c]) Mr. Pap [Aidan Geaney]
    [b:0c34c]Feb 07 [/b:0c34c] Too Late, Too Early, On Time.[/size:0c34c] ([i:0c34c]Student Short Film[/i:0c34c]) John* [Maria Corral]
    [b:0c34c]Jan 07[/b:0c34c] Stormy Weather.[/size:0c34c] ([i:0c34c]Student Short Film[/i:0c34c]) Security Guard [John Finnegan]
    [b:0c34c]Dec 06[/b:0c34c] The 8.23pm News.[/size:0c34c] ([i:0c34c]Student Studio Piece[/i:0c34c]) Anto Cool* [Adrian Looney]
    [b:0c34c]Nov 06[/b:0c34c] Arts Program. [/size:0c34c] ([i:0c34c]Student Studio Piece[/i:0c34c]) Danny*/Angus* [Warren Bridgman]
    [b:0c34c]Nov 06[/b:0c34c] Kiosk Kodak AD [/size:0c34c]([i:0c34c]Student AD[/i:0c34c]) Assistant* [Pádraig O’Rourke]
    [b:0c34c]Nov 06[/b:0c34c] Traffic Jam [/size:0c34c]([i:0c34c]Student AD[/i:0c34c]) Young man 1* [Lisa Fleming]
    [b:0c34c]Mar 06 [/b:0c34c] Beer Belly[/size:0c34c] ([i:0c34c]Student Short Film[/i:0c34c]) Ben* [Mars O’Reilly]

    *Indication of lead or central role

    THEATRE EXPERIENCE[/size:0c34c]
    [b:0c34c]Date [/b:0c34c] Production Role Director
    [b:0c34c]Oct 06[/b:0c34c] Dracula Orderly Maurine Prendergast
    [b:0c34c]May 05[/b:0c34c] And On The Third Day Shane* Rodney Bollingbroke
    [b:0c34c]May 05[/b:0c34c] ID Jeff Newton Rolston
    [b:0c34c]Nov 04[/b:0c34c] Macbeth Bloody Solider/Murderer Pat Gunn

    *Indication of lead or central role



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