The 10 worst movies of the last 10 years

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    "SeanBreathnach":12sps6uw wrote:
    Raising Arizona is great too. But Cage decided to go mainstream, and that’s where he seems to have lost it. Sold his soul for the big pay cheque, eh?![/quote:12sps6uw]

    Tut tut! Yes I guess he did.
    Family Man was a nice Christmas movie.


    On Cage – before you rate him you have to see ‘Leaving Las Vegas’. ‘Raising Arizona’, ‘Wild at Heart’ and ‘Moonstruck’.

    having said that none of those films are recent but to judge him as an actor you’ve gotta see the range.

    On Clive Owen – I have to comment on this as ‘Children of Men’ is one of my favourite films of the last few years and Owen is excellent in it – and of course ‘Sin City’ and what about ‘Closer’ – he’s the best of a very strong cast in that. I know it’s a few years back now but he also holds his own in the excellent ensemble piece that is ‘Gosford Park’.

    As for the worst films thing – anybody on this forum see last years ‘Host’ – the South Korean film – at the time it came out websites and reviewers etc. ranted and raved about it – I forked out a tenner for it in tescos and had to press the stop/destroy button on my DVD player remote – it’s shockin’.


    Speaking of horrors, One Missed Call is desperate…it’s so bad, it’s not even the type of horror you could laugh at. My friend fell asleep next to me. It’s yet another Japanese remake and I can’t imagine the original being worse. Can’t believe I paid out money to see it… :cry:

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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