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    My names Niall, I work primarily as an AD. I write and have directed shorts and for the stage. Have some good experience but still in the same boat as everyone else that boat being "trying to find more work". Feel free to contact me. I generally seek out paying work, but if its a good short or doc the experience is worth it.
    credits include:
    "Strength and Honor" AD
    "The Clinic" AD
    "Glengarry Glen Ross" (Theatre) Director.
    "Argideen" (short) Director
    "The Trip" (short) 1st AD
    I have more credits but dont wanna seem like i am trying to come across all that i just put up the most recent and important to me.


    howrya niall, paraic here.
    once the others log on (if they choose to) ill organise that thread under the "Current & Upcoming Projects" forum.
    Any word from Niall J?


    Hey Paraic , that sounds kool. Yeah i got onto Niall J he said tomorrow at 1:30 in the Woodford he said he was gonna get onto you about coming in. He said he wanted to throw some ideas at ya. once i talk with Niall J i’ll give Colin a buzz. I felt it important to cement a director and meet him etc before i called Colin. Also am going into the City Hall tomorrow to talk to the Marathon event organiser about shooting the marathon. Theres a few other things Lisa brought up, i will tell ya tomorrow if u cant make it, if not no worries i will send a detailed email. aright take care.


    Hi everyone.
    Just found this site by chance but it looks really cool (If cool is still an accepted exclamation. Oh god have I alienated myself already) Anyway the site seems like a great idea. I’m a writer. I’ve written a few poems, a handful of short stories and a couple of novels. I have some great ideas for short movies as well as a mini series (comedy). Dan, you may regret asking for ideas to be sent to you but I hope you get a laugh out of them none the less.

    Anybody out their looking for a script writer feel free to give me a shout. I’m not trying to sound boastful but I can write just about anything. Why not call my bluff and try me, if you’re hard enough, (loud evil laugh).


    i wouldnt mind a look at some of the shorts.
    im in the mood to do a one-minute wonder kinda short film. short. simple. funny.



    I’m currently in the National Film School in IADT Dun Laoghaire, going into my final year (4th) after the summer and specialising in Direction and Camera/Lighting. I’m from Amsterdam originally but my roots are in West Cork where my family live. I’m based in Dun Laoghaire but occassionally come home to Cork and wouldn’t mind doing so for shooting purposes. Have own transport & full drivers licence. Throughout the last three years I’ve worked on several RTE 1, RTE 2, BBC NI, and Independent Feature film productions such as Rough Diamond, Satellites & Meteorites (Feature) The Clinic, an Gaelgoir Nocht (IFTA nominated feature). I’ve shot music videos (1st A.D. on ‘Holding doors for Strangers’ for Kidic: broadcast on TG4 and Chanel 6) short films: most recently S16 mm ’25 to Life’ currently in post-production. And worked on heaps of Filmbase/Film Board productions such as short-cuts, oscailts etc. I’ve worked both in the A.D. and Camera departments as: trainee, loader, puller, grip, gaffer on HD, S16mm & 35mm, and as trainee, 3rd, 2nd and 1st A.D. on all kinds of shoots! Worked on corporates as 1st/2nd A.C. and cam op. (Okay I admit I’m a workaholic) I’m mainly doing professional work now but if the project is of a good standard and the people on the crew are cool I’ll still freebies. Plus I like shooting in Cork because it’s close to home!

    Most recent cool shoot: being one of the first to focus pull on the RED camera (4k) which has just arrived intro the country at Production Depot. If you want any info on it give me a shout.

    If you’d like to see my CV or need some help/advice don’t hesitate to contact me on:




    Hi, I’m an American who moved to Cork in December. I wrote a screenplay as the thesis for my MFA in creative writing, but that screenplay is set in America and really won’t transfer to Ireland. I’m interested in getting more experience in the whole filmmaking process, so if anyone needs help with a script or any other aspect of filmmaking, let me know.


    My name is Jakub, I am writer, editor, videographer and director. I know Adobe Premiere & After Effects, Colorista & Davinci Resolve Lite. I always work with my partner Magda who is a great videographer and photographer. We are open to join any kind of projets. See our work at

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