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    Dan here!

    I’m a director and I make short movies!
    I usually make drama suspense films with some sort physcoloical twist associated with it, but my films range from those for adults and kids.

    I’m available to assist any production, and I’m always on the look out or a good script or story.

    Just send me a mail if you need me for anything.


    DAN! Finally joined this newfangled thing like you told me to, looks kinda cool. By the way for anybody else, I am a writer with really cool ideas for movies and shows, as Dan will tell you! :lol:


    [b:fc2c5]Name:[/b:fc2c5] Damien Coughlan
    [b:fc2c5]Phone:[/b:fc2c5] 0863721592

    Screen Writing
    Boom Operation
    Sound recording
    Operating Film equipment

    Oh no, my gums are bleeding (16mm) Writer, Director, Producer, Editor
    Seomra Foirne (16mm) 2nd AC
    Unlucky for some (16mm) Production manager, 3rd AD, Sound
    Any colour you like (TV Studio) Floor Manager
    Risk Management (TV Studio) Writer, Director, Producer, Editor
    A Dogs Day (Super8) Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Camera
    The Break-up (TV Studio) Lighting
    The Assanation of JFK (TV Studio) Camera
    Framed (Group TV Program) Writer, Director, Editor, Camera, Sound

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me in regards to anything from job offers, questions, seeing my work, showing me yours or just some advice


    Name: Páraic English
    Phone: 087 7963250

    FETAC Certs in Media Engineering and Production
    Camera Operator/ AC /Clapper Loader – HD DV, 16mm
    Director: ‘Move Me’ Music Video (Cork Film Festival 2006)
    Director of Photography: Voices (Cork Film Festival 2007)
    Editor/DOP: Colin Carroll promo screened on RTE TV April 2008

    Corporate: Clients include COPE Foundation, Graffiti Theatre Co., Meridian Theatre Co., Stagecraft Youth Theatre, Kids Party Club Franchise (, Southern Advertising, over 400 married couples (wedding videos), Cork County GAA board & Sciath na Scol, Cork International Language Academy, South Coast TV, RWA Bikers Association, Pharmaceutical Companies via Newhaven Technologies.

    Editor: Experienced user of Final Cut Pro 6 HD

    Kit: Canon XL2, Sony FX1 HDV Handicam, Sony DV Handicam, 3 X 500 W Studio Lights and other assorted kit.

    Ash Lawson

    [b:52234]Name:[/b:52234] Ash Lawson
    [b:52234]Phone:[/b:52234] 086 319 3858

    Director, Writer & Editor

    Please Contact for Cv.

    Avatar photoSeanBreathnach

    Howdo. Sean here – writer, director, and filmmaker. In the last few years I’ve made 9+ short films, with some shown in festivals such as the Cork Film Festival and the Clonakilty Flux Festival. I have created and written shows for TV and had options taken on some.

    I’m planning on adding more short films to my repertoire this year, with the making of a feature in mind. I am working on a new series at present so hopefully this one will actually get made.

    Be seeing you.


    Name: John Roche


    ACTOR (dunno – but am game for anything once….. or twice)
    DIRECTOR (not really)
    SRIPT WRITER (Would love to)
    STORY BOARD (Wannabe)
    IDEAS (The sky and stars aren’t enuf….)

    After watching movies (and cause I’ve watched so bleedin many it’s amazing I don’t have glasses) I feel that the best way to act is to act normal/ put as much of yourself into the role as possible… I’m not saying I have the charisma of such actors as Sean Connery or Clint Eastwood, but to watch their films there is always a certain (I believe "a large") measure of the same person in every character they play… Personally, I believe acting is like telling a lie, and the best way to tell a lie is to put as much truth into it as possible to disguise the truth from the lie.. This is what I see happening when I watch actors (good actors) struting their stuff…. Personally, I believe on a good day I could convince God that a lie is truth or the truth a lie….

    I’m not great at the whole english thing… and anything I write would need a sh*t load of editing (not that I’ve writen anything as of yet) but i like the idea that I’m an "aspiring artist"… so basically I’ll be gettng the finger out and down to some typing pronto…[/color:19df0]

    EDITED: 13 Dec 2006
    If anyone needs a storyboard for any production I would be willing and feel I’m able….. need of references not essential… but a huge help….


    name oisin mac coille
    phone no 023 52925/086 8920065


    seomra foirne(16mm) writer director co- producer
    Animal talk(16mm) producer
    All smiles(16mm) 1st ad
    slow burner(16mm) 1st ad
    Trolley(8mm) producer
    come and get it Galtee advert(35mm) Ad
    grandfathers prayers(dv) Writer, director, camera, lighting and sound one man Documentary
    a new begining(DV) writer, director, camera.
    a mans best friend? (DV) writer, director, camera and actor

    have also worked on various studion setups doing everything from lighting to art direction

    own a 16mm and 8mm film cameras

    looking to collaorate with like minded people on interesting /fun projects

    call me.


    hi, just a quick note, i write storys and songs, would be actor director,



    Hi Gordon here.Writer with a view of making a few good quality short films.Raising a family and working full time in a totally unrelated industry but have a few good albeit quirky ideas.Friend of mine is a musician and is open to write original soundtracks.My e-mail is if any established film makers are open to fresh material.Presently working on 2 shorts.


    always looking for some good material mate, send some on to me and i’ll have a gander at em!


    Well Bit forgetful of me not to have posted here

    Sean Wallace

    Currently with egomotion films ( that’s me n Dan )

    I’ve worked on Several Films this year (06) with Dan and members of the egomotion Forum.
    Distracted ( short for Robbie Williams Competition)
    Class Party ( Short for Robbie Williams Competition )
    Voices ( short with egomotion )
    Woods ( acting/blood and whinging about the Rain!! – egomotion)

    I’ve written a few short scripts and hope to shoot one in the new year.
    I’m developing a fascination with camera ( See distracted on the Robbie Williams Site )
    I do me best to sort things out , ‘cos that’s what a producer does innit , sorts things out like !

    Send me your wishes and Gripes !!


    [b:15cb5]Name:[/b:15cb5] Nathan Mateer

    I’m a music and cgi fx producer.



    Hello All,

    I am a Writer/Director who also Produces and Edits. I also work as a D.P. and Photographer.

    I studied film for 4 years in Dublin and then worked in two film studios in Luxembourg.

    I have written and directed over 10 short films and numerous promo videos – Some of my shorts have been screened in the Cork, Galway and Dublin Film Festivals and on RTE.

    If anyone needs assistance with anything from scripting through to editing then by all means get in touch and ask and fair play to the lads at Egomotion – keep up the good work.

    Keep on Rollin’,



    I’m a writer, new to the game, which means no experience, though I did spend a year in fan fiction, so it’s not like I’ve never written anything before.

    I’d have no problem posting written scripts, but I have no idea where to do that..mods…help?

    EDIT: Nevermind…sorted

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