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    To support and encourage the development of young talent in Ireland , is offering one lucky person the exciting opportunity to win € 10,000.

    What do you have to do?

    You are asked to produce three videos with the theme “ I need to leave this job” .
    Each video will not be more than 20 seconds in duration .
    You can use voiceover in the videos if you wish and how you want to approach the theme is entirely up to you. will decide on the winner based on the quality and creativity of the videos produced. The winner will receive €10,000 . may also use your idea for future advertising if we are really impressed by it!

    Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity, get your creative juices flowing and apply today!

    Closing Date for Entries: Friday 6th April, 2007.


    Oooh, prize money…me likes!! We MUST do this one.


    this is gonna be fun!


    €10,000 <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” /> We definitely have to do this one .I like that the Closing Date is Friday 6th April, 2007 aswell .

    Avatar photoSeanBreathnach



    Treatment & Shot List

    Extreme Close Up: Tattoo artist’s hand draws ink onto an unidentifiable body part.
    Close Up: Tattoo artist’s face concentrating, looking downwards.
    Close Up: Biker’s face, wincing. Hum of the needle in the background. Biker farts violently – CUT TO
    Mid/Wide Shot: Reveal- Biker lying face down propping himself up on his elbows, ass revealed, tattoo artist drawing on his ass.
    Thought bubble appears " I need to leave this job"
    Close Up: Artist’s eyes close in disgust at the smell.
    I have some hilarious fart sound effects but i cant upload wav files.
    Very simple.

    Sean W – do any of your biker buds have an existing ass tattoo or one on a body part that could double as an ass in an extreme close up? I could probably find a sound effect for the needle so we dont have to mark anyone for life.


    I’ll investigate , But it’ not really the question you want to ask a hairy biker

    " Eh Hello , Do you have a tatoo on your ass ?? "

    Thumping sound

    ( Hold your nose while voicing this )
    " OK then I’ll take that as a no then … Sorry "


    Hi Folks,

    This sounds great, I’d love to get involved in this too. I’m up for doing
    sound design and post production sound.

    I’ve got over 6Gb of sound
    fx and creating new ones all the time, so farts and needles are no problem. The layering of room tones here will help fill out the sound track
    in the absence of dialogue. All in all lots of scope to get really creative here. Have ye decided on music yet?

    The closing date for this one is coming up fast. Can one of you ring me and tell what the latest is on this one?




    cheers liam
    those sound effects would be great, the ones i have are wav files which wouldn’t be the best…ill be in touch when the stuff is shot and ready to edit


    No problem Paraic.

    I would like to come along to the shoot so I can record some wild tracks.
    Any idea when you are starting?



    Liam, hopefully we’ll shoot it this wednesday in town. i have to confirm with the lads involved first but ill ring you when its all sorted. sadly, the guy with the ice cream van was looking for cash for the lend of his van so i had to knock that one on the head. maybe inspiration with strike in the meantime before the deadline. cheers


    Feedback would be greatly appreciated…
    Rate out of two and be generous (wince)…..

    One Script for the competition:
    (A second idea is being formulated – and will appear shortly)[i:e3649]
    as inky knows shortly is a 7 letter word…. but I will try…. seriously
    got to go to bed….. 2 o’ clock……
    p.s. 2 in the morning and I HAVEN’T been drinking (i don’t think)[/i:e3649][/size:e3649][/color:e3649]
    by John Roche.

    A weather man stands, in a suit, stands before a blue screen. Shot is taken from the point of view of the camera focused directly in front of the weatherman! The weatherman is pointing to the top left of the canvas while smiling at the camera.
    Weatherman: and as you can see: this slow moving cold front, approaching from the northwest, there will be rain covering most of Ireland late tonight, and should cover the whole country by midday tomorrow.
    Moving to the right half a step, and swirling his arm over an area to the top center of the camera view/ blue screen.
    Weatherman: There may even a slight chance of snow, in high lying areas. So, please drive carefully and beware of flooding. Have a good night!
    The Camera starts to go away from the weatherman and comes backwards out of a TV, and turns 90 degrees to show a youngish, in typical farming clothes, (old, dried mud etc.) couple eating dinner at a “wood”/gas (being environmentally friendly) fire with warm glow. Man turns to wife:
    Man: I’d say it takes him ages to prepare each time he goes on air, but I dunno how he sticks the same thing over and over…
    As man turns his head back to the T.V./Camera. There is a little overlap between the sound of a voice and the switch back to the studio as
    The camera shows the weatherman shake his head from side to side, opens his mouth wide to get his jaw muscles out of his smile, loosen his tie and thanks the camera man.
    Voice of to the side:Mr. Reliable, Martin, pause destined for greatness.
    Weatherman(Martin):Easy when you love your job
    Zoom in on the weatherman as a smile returns to his face.
    Slogan scrolls across screen:
    “Different people love different jobs.
    The difference is opportunities.
    The difference is


    the last script/post….. well oops…..[/size:c2818]….. Just got talking to some guy on chat from college…. and well just said I’d do a little more… and now it’s only 2:45 so what am I going to do now….. Oh it’s okay he went to bed ages ago….. I could ramble on forever…. promise – not even a pint…[/color:c2818]

    P.S. I know that it says 20 secs and last one could be tough(maybe-to get in there)… I think.??….????,,….,,,..

    Constructive and destructive criticism MORE THAN WELCOME…… (That basically a cry for attention – nothing even mildly subtle about it)

    P.P.S. Could someone add to the collabrative script…… I’m running out of places to write….. Mightn’t be back for a while….. you know how it is in the rest of the world BLOODY writers….. well, its the same in Cork it appears except obvious bloody is preceded by multiply "fuckings" and buckets of spit

    The man/ farmer (from last advert) in his tractor cabin and there’s a gale outside as rain lashes the tractor cab… Shot inside of wipers going full belt… Shot of farmer struggling to open the door as he braves the elements… Shot of wellingtons on the steps as he hops to the mucky ground…. close up on his face (scrunched up)… as he heads to a gate and unties it… Shot of farmer as he drives out of the/a field and takes the corner on to the road… => Different set => Camera leaves the T.V. And the weatherman in the last advertisement entry is just saying his fair wells. Cuts in on “So”.
    Weatherman: Sooooo, please drive carefully and beware of flooding. Have a good night!”
    Man: I’m sure it takes him ages to prepare each time he goes on air, but I dunno how he sticks the same thing over and over…
    => As man turns his head back to T.V. The sound of the news just finishing and the contented face of farmer warm and snug, as a low sound of rain is heard in the background. Same slogan as above scrolls across the screen:
    “Different people love different jobs.
    The difference is opportunities.
    The difference is

    I don’t know but maybe we could tie the slogan in with Inky’s idea as well…. It would be a huge twist?????? Maybe who ever play’s your biker could be the farmer…. Make for a real Irish home grown biker :shock: …… Wot say you Inky……..


    one slight problem with both ideas,

    the tag line is

    "I need a new Job" :wink:


    Can’t get everything right :lol:

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