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    ‘Dreams’ the music vid for Valerie Hely is in there too. <img loading=” title=”Smile” />


    The website has been updated but still no listings
    The programme brochure cover is online though.



    I have to say the artwork for the Cork Film Fest is always top notch – i think this one is particularily good – any ideas as to who does them – are they local?


    I think it was opened to the public this year to design the poster.


    website updated again
    [quote:whp1g0wy]The (lengthy) process of viewing the many films submitted to the festival is nearing completion and we are now announcing the titles selected for this year’s festival.

    The list of Irish shorts accepted for the National Short Film Competition will appear on the website on Monday 15th September. Additional Irish shorts may be may be invited to participate in other sections of the programme such as the ‘OutlLook’ programme and the ‘Through The Looking Glass’, young persons’ programme.

    Shorts selected for the International Shorts Competition will be announced next week.

    Shorts selected for Made In Cork programmes will be announced on Monday 15th September.

    Titles of the selected documentaries and features will be posted from Monday 15th[/quote:whp1g0wy]


    Fingers and Toes crossed and best of luck to everyone !!


    Irish Entries COnfirmed so far

    TITLE [i:3f0f5koa]DIRECTOR[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Atlantic [i:3f0f5koa]Conor Ferguson[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Avatar Days
    Brixton Bob [i:3f0f5koa]Devin John Doyle[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Countdown [i:3f0f5koa]David Tynan[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Craic Whores [i:3f0f5koa]George Kane[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Danger High Voltage [i:3f0f5koa]Luke McManus[/i:3f0f5koa]
    The Door [i:3f0f5koa]Juanita Wilson[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Egoist [i:3f0f5koa]Colin Downey[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Enough [i:3f0f5koa]Barry Dignam[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Fall [i:3f0f5koa]Paddy Jolley[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Fetish Photography [i:3f0f5koa]Suzana Zalokar[/i:3f0f5koa]
    God and Napoleon [i:3f0f5koa]Ciaran Deeney[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Happy Hour [i:3f0f5koa]Barrie Dowdall[/i:3f0f5koa]
    The Herd [i:3f0f5koa]Ken Wardrop[/i:3f0f5koa]
    How Deep Is Your Love ? [i:3f0f5koa]Michael Lavelle[/i:3f0f5koa]
    i [i:3f0f5koa]Ann Marie Brennan[/i:3f0f5koa]
    The Linear Adventures Of Average Joe [i:3f0f5koa]Bryan O’Sullivan[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Lowland Fells [i:3f0f5koa]Michael Kinirions[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Martin [i:3f0f5koa]Sean Branigan[/i:3f0f5koa]
    The Masterpiece [i:3f0f5koa] Maeve Clancy[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Mona [i:3f0f5koa]Terry O Leary[/i:3f0f5koa]
    The Morse Collectors [i:3f0f5koa]David Cooke[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Mr. Crocodile In The Cupboard [i:3f0f5koa]Morgan Bushe[/i:3f0f5koa]
    My Day [i:3f0f5koa]Eamonn O Neill[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Of Best Intentions [i:3f0f5koa]Brian Durnin[/i:3f0f5koa]
    The Rooster [i:3f0f5koa]Padraig Fagan[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Sandpiper [i:3f0f5koa]Jimmy T. Murakami[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Scratch [i:3f0f5koa]Niall Sheerin[/i:3f0f5koa]
    64 Pirogues [i:3f0f5koa]Alice Bohl[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Spaceman Three [i:3f0f5koa]Hugh O’Conor[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Teddy Bear [i:3f0f5koa]David Tynan[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Terminal Connection [i:3f0f5koa]Michael Fortune[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Up For Air [i:3f0f5koa]Richie Conroy[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Walking Dreams [i:3f0f5koa] Evan Barry[/i:3f0f5koa]
    What You Didn’t Say [i:3f0f5koa]David Tynan[/i:3f0f5koa]
    Worn [i:3f0f5koa]Rebecca Daly[/i:3f0f5koa]
    James [i:3f0f5koa]Connor Clements[/i:3f0f5koa]


    Made In Cork Shorts

    Made In Cork’
    Afternoons With Johnny Maximilian Le Cain
    Any Ol Ting Brian Connolly
    Closure Chris O’Neill
    Fingernails Liam Cotter
    For Us Niall O’Keeffe
    Friend Robert O’ Halloran
    He Dies In The End Damian McCarthy
    Hotstuff Neil Hurley
    Kiely’s Last Day Ed Godsell
    The Lake Gillian Knebel
    Penny Patrick O’Shea
    The Sign Patrick O’Shea
    65 Mark Cogan
    Ted Jackie Boland
    Traces Maureen Considine


    Congrats to Paddy for getting 2 shorts in the Fest !!

    Top Stuff my man Top stuff !!

    Avatar photoSeanBreathnach

    Fair play, Paddy! Nice job <img loading=” title=”Smile” />


    well done to everyone that got into the Festival Programme!

    :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:


    Wow can’t believe it! Was away from the computer all evening – couldn’t take the stress of it – just found out now and I’m delighted! It’s been 9 years since I had a film screened in Cork!

    A seriously big thanks to everyone who worked on both films – session on!

    and thanks for the well wishes guys


    well done Paddy!

    "Pados":7f1jtabh wrote:
    It’s been 9 years since I had a film screened in Cork![/quote:7f1jtabh]

    good things come to those who wait, and being a guest of the festival last year was one of my best experiences, you are in for a great week of it, make sure and free up as much time as you can during the fest.


    oh I’ve already cleared the week and can’t wait! cheers Dan! :grin:

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