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A hello from me as well!

Joined a few weeks back but didn’t get round to saying hello.

I went last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Some great shorts, especially; Heavy Metal Drummer, She Loves Me Not, Roof Sex, and 15. Can’t wait for next months.

A little about me:

I moved to Cork City from England two months ago, having studied architecture at UWE in Bristol for the last 7 years. Unfortunately my desire to become an architect is no longer there!

I’ve really got into film over the last few years, and have aspirations to write/direct films. But I’m at a really really early stage at the moment in terms of film making/writing; my technical knowledge is very limited. I’ll be working in an architects practice to pay the bills but will be looking to develop my love for film in my spare time.

Therefore, I’d be willing to get involved in anyone’s project, to help out in anyway, just to understand the film making process. I’ll be keeping an eye out on the boards regularly.