To be honest I might kind of have stolen the weatherman story…. from "The Weatherman" starring Nicky Cage, so here’s an idea that’s more than likely been done before, but which "I" don’t think "I" plagurised from anywhere :twisted:

Camera close up on a face(male/female) receptionist, looking concerned and head is bobbing up and down at different intervals. There is total silence for 2-3 secs, then a humming noise/ tune is slowly introduced and the receptionist nods to the beat of the humming. Suddenly a voice is heard low at the first ‘never’ and suddenly the humming disappears as
the Guest says the second "Never" and a Guest’s voice breaks humming totally:
Guest:"Never, (lots of emphasise =>) NEVER, in my life have I slept so
badly or the service… I find your staffs’ ineptitude, ignorance, total
disregard for other peoples’ rights
Guest voice slowly dissaptes to be gradually replaced by the humming which lasts a second or two before a thought bubble appears: "I need a new Job"

I know you’ve all been waiting for me to write P.S. so…..
P.S. I am at the moment working up at the airpot hotel formerly the great southern hotel (and if you know someone working there then what I am about to say is TOTALLY FICTITIOUS), but the receptions M..O..A..N.. and search for jobs contiously……….

Actually, just thought there…. If the receptionist was standing behind a computer on a counter, the camera could move around behind the counter to show the receptionist (still looking concerned) slowly moving there hand to the mouse and bringing up the webpage…