Is this right…I think it is!


Hi, I’m David Duff, I’m an electrician, I’m hairy, I juggle, I do stand up comedy, I have an album of my songs and if anyone wants to hear em’ they can go onto my ‘myspace’ or Bebo., Christ With A K is the name of the band thingy I’m in, I mainly/mostly do funny songs. Hmmm I dunno what else to say, loadsa people seem to mention the accents they can do, I can do a lot of accents I guess…erm….hmmm….I skateboard -though not as much as I used to- Dunno eh…I’d like to do something in something…maybe act as a guy…
Oh eh, I’m 5′ 11" I’m 21 and my photo is what I look like -surprise surprise- I’ve never actually acted persay, but I have talked to myself a lot.