Hey everyone,

My name is Damien Coughlan and like to call myself a film maker. I recently finished the film making course in St.Johns (which I highly reccomend to anyone who is considering getting into the Industry). I am pretty familiar with every aspect of the Industry and could work in all departments. However my true talents lie in Directing, Writing, Editing and Sound. At the moment I’m looking for as much experience as possible working on good production shorts or features. I have quite a few decent contacts but am looking for a lot more to make it easier to assemble crews, get actors etc.

At the moment I’m waiting on news for a job as trainee AD on ‘Strength and Honour’ which, if I get, will have be busy for about 7 weeks but after that I’ll be looking for any other work I can get.

If anyone would like to see my scripts or films I’ll be glad to send copies and likewhise if someone wants me to look at some of their stuff I’d be happy to give my opinion.

That’s all for now.

Damien C