Hi There. Great site guys

I’m Cat, originally from Galway but have been living in Cork (before numerous other places … so lots of accents) for the last 5 years, I’ve trained with the Gaiety School of Acting in Cork since 2006 in stage and some camera work. I’ve also done alot of costume and prop designing with my trusty needle and glue gun! so if you need something special feel free to call. I’ve done a number of showcases and plays including…

June 2008 "Why I haven’t killed myself (a comedy)" in the Cork Arts Theatre, a play showing the beauty of life! based in a psychiatric unit where the residents have tried to kill themselves, I played the nurse (nurse ratched turned good by the end) run down by the system and resented by the patients. I also played a slutty sister of one of the patients in a flash back scene who steals her husband and ruins her life.

2007/8 tour of "Flesh" (a script devloped by the cast) in Cork, Dublin and Listowel, a play about sex trafficking in Ireland, I played one of the main characters, the only irish girl of three sex trafficking victims who is deparate to get back to her young daughter, and is subjected to sexual and physical abuse, before trying to escape and getting tortured and killed in the end. recieved fantastic reviews esp from the Sunday Tribune.

2006/8 showcases incl improv and a number of characters from Pinter, Shakespere, Euripedes, and short adaptations of films like Die Hard, Tootsie, V for vendetta, Reality Bites and others.

I love working off the cuff , esp as i have writer friends that show (after many over dinner arguments ) that what they write (most important, agreed) , what I (e.g. actors )portray and what the audience interprets can be many different things. the most important thing the scripts message gets out, whatever that maybe!

So There I am, contact me on 087 2795546 or dontpanic421980@hotmail.com

Thanks and break a leg