Im Marie and discovered this snazy site from a loverly bloke who gave me a flier up by the firkin crane today. Its a great idea and Im willing to involve myself in anything ye’d involve me in. Curently im working in a castle in Galway doing medievil banquets (Bunratty style but better of course) Its brill I get to do what I love every night which is perform. But of course all good things come to an end <img loading=” title=”Sad” /> and the season is finishing up in october so its back to cork for mise. So Ill need to find something to satisfy my passion – acting! All offers welcome. You can check out my C.V on the the C.Vs page.

So I’ll leave ye at it for now, for it’s off 2 the pub 4 me!
But well done and best of sucess to all but please keep ickle me in mind. :wink: