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Hey there! Cool site! I heard about this through the grapevine.
My name’s Gemma. I’m 23 and from Cork City. I’m currently in that post college limbo phase where I’m pottering around and trying my hand at different stuff. That stuff mostly being film related. I did film studies in college but it was all essays and the only practical aspect was that I did some editing. I have made a couple of student films with friends though, and partook in the Kommando film competition. Basically I would love to help out on any film set where help is needed! I do like organising stuff (!) so I’d be more than happy to help organise any films, and sure if anyone’s desperate for actors, I’ll hop in front of the camera too haha!
I have a half-baked script too that shall be transformed into a wonderful film at some stage. I may come hunting for actors if anyone’s interested….
Tata for now.