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Welcome to the new Folks !!

I’m delighted that things are building a bit , we’ve got a good bit of a mix coming in. and that’s what I like to see. In about 2 weeks time I whink we should try and organise a meet n Greet for
People to get together in town and discuss some projects and and start networking . Dan has a few ideas in the pan but they probably won’t be materialising for about a month . One that is definitely going to need some
bodies is a script I’m working on with Dan, Story is fleshed out and a lot of the cinematic things are planned , just the dialogue to fill in but it’s set on a busy train so whoever is playing the main characters don’t really matter , we’ll be hoping that as many as are available on the day’s will turn up as extras and help out with crewing. Oh and we need a train carriage , if anyone’s got one handy ……

Anyway, keep checking back and use the forum to chat to others, it’s all about the experience ,