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"Sean – egomotion":42842 wrote:
Welcome Joe !

Sorry bout the big gap in posts here but we’ve been up to our eyes . All Good though ! Just to let everyone know myself and Dan had a meeting last night and we sketched out a bit of a timeline for ourselves. We’re gonna have a meet n Greet night in the next month or so but
in the meantime we are planning a few things that will appear in the Website
in the upcoming section soon. We’re gonna try and raise the production value of the next
project considerably so the order of the day will be as many as possible on set so we’re hoping that all who can will take the time to come along and get involved in one of the shoots. Whether that be acting, Extras work or just holding the mic and helping out around doesn’t matter. we’d just like to get as many as possible involved in them. Dan will have more details for ye soon.
We’re hoping to reshoot one of the shorts we’ve already done , Voices , because in fairness it was well received last Sunday at the screening and
yet we know we can improve the production value and sound no end. We’re hoping to do that in about 3 weeks time
hopefully getting a location and a few read throughs , That’s definitely one to try and get involved in.

Cheers and keep checking for news


<img loading=” title=”Very Happy” /> No need to apologise

Look forward to the meet & greet