You may notice a few changes around the site!

We are currently working on upgrading our blog and forum themes so the whole thing should tie in a bit better over the coming weeks, so please bare with us through this transition.

Welcome to the new look egomotion,the home page has been completey redsigned from the ground up featuring articles both from our blog and also from our forum, So basically you guys decide what goes on our home page!

You may also notice the new swanky article slider on the top, This is our new featured content area and we hope to bring new exiting feature to the website over the coming months.

Make sure and check out the behind the scenes exclusive footage of Tree Keeper, theres lots more to check out and hopefully lots more to come. Feel your film is worth getting on to our home page, let us know about it and well try to accommodate, Got a 5min making of doc that you would like us to feature let us know!

Have Fun,