why cant Ireland make mythology martial arts movie!

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    Modern day martial arts movies have a weak plot these days.I have an idea that I wrote a year back, sort of a script as it were its basically a present day Ireland fiction mythology type movie ,mixed with martial ats ,raw fighting.
    the story starts is about the great flood that happened in the black sea going back bible time when Noah sent his Grand daughter to Ireland to stay safe. like I said it focuses on the first invasion in Ireland.the story goes what I made up is a giant meteor caused the flood and a second smaller meteor hit Ireland.the ancient people found the meteor and they also found that it had secret substance that they used for healing, knowlege, and warfare Time Travel plus other puposes.when used in battle it gave warriors incredible strength speed Etc.the second part starts in present day Ireland this substance is discovered in a excavation dig and kept by authorities, but one night it gets stolen by baddies. the bad guy use as a diluted drug which gives users increased strength awarness speed etc like an incredible high, brain damage is the side effect and organ problems. in the third part the people from the past are aware that it has been discovered, and it is effecting the laws of time as it were. so they send warriors and wisemen like druid or wizard in to the future or present day Ireland to retrive the substance and restore balance. how the substance got discovered in the first place was that evil forces or beings put it there as a way to effect time and cause chaos its a battle with the supernatural, and ancient people plus modern day characters .
    it explores the dark the supernatural etc.it goes on and on like a crazed harry potter 28 days later zombie sort of thing ,but dont think zombie thats overdone.thats basically it, but could you imagine if someone did try to make it would bring back to life something we once had,not the stereotype Irish guinness drunk fella falling ot of a pub on his backside at three in the day.
    it would show that we had great wisemen warriors mythology culture Etc a long time ago.



    Write it !


    I actually did write it, its huge.I think script writing I would like to try that the other problem I am not in ireland at present to show anyone the script.. im in taiwan working as a teacher but Id like to show in the future

    thanks for listening.

    "007":cf6b5 wrote:
    the bad guy use as a diluted drug which gives users increased strength awarness speed etc like an incredible high, brain damage is the side effect and organ problems.[/quote:cf6b5]

    Sounds like PCP.


    at some point I plan on writing a Cúchulainn script. I have thought a little bit about it and done a little research and I have a vague idea of the structure.

    It starts with his conception and birth (he’s the son of the ancient irish god, Lugh) and the first part of the film would deal with his early years, primarily the event that gives him his name where he kills Culanns guard dog in self-defence by hitting a sliotar down his throat. I’d then cover his marraige with Emer before moving onto the "Battle Raid of Cooley" which would be the main focus of the film with him defending Ulster against Queen Medb (Maeve).

    One of the things with Cúchulainn is that he "hulked out" when he fought and pretty much turned into a monster…i wouldn’t go that far but he definitely would be superhuman and I think it would be damn cool seeing him fight off Maeve’s army all by himself.

    The film would end with his death…from what I’ve read, Cúchulainn had said that he would never refuse a meal and never eat dog meat…so his enemies tricked him by inviting him to eat but actually giving him dog meat, so he essentially broke his word since he had to eat it (never refusing a meal) and it weakened him. But even then he still fought off huge numbers of people before finally being killed.

    I actually think it would be a cool movie…the only real problem I have is trying to justify maeve’s reason for going to war with ulster…essentially she wanted the prize bull of the Ulster king.

    i did look at Fionn MacCumhail, but Cúchulainn frankly is easier to adapt. Fionn’s story doesn’t really have any structure to it…in fact after the salmon of knowledge and defeating the demon/goblin at Tara, the biggest event in Fenian Cycle is about his son Oisin and Tir na nOg. There is the story of Diarmuid and Grainne…but the whole Fenian Cycle is really just a collection of stories related to Fionn, without much too connect them.

    Cúchulainn is infinitely more suited to the screen…I just hope nobody makes it before I do :evil:

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