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    Ok people… for all of you creative folk, I need some help…

    I am living in Helsinki at the minute and working on a big Eurovision project..

    During the week of the Eurovision Song Contest on the ‘Dina Host City Channel’ (which broadcasts to Helsinki, and is available on the net) there will be video clips from all over Europe (and the world) going out on air…
    And, also in Helsinki city itself at the Senate Square and Esplanade Park there will be huge big screens to show the song contest but when the contest isn’t on, these may be used for showing these clips also..

    Basically, we are trying to gather a collection of video clips from as many possible locations as we can.. these clips will then be shown on the TV Station, on the big screens in Helsinki City & will be streamed on the net via Second Life.

    If you are at all interested please make a video clip!! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, you can make one with most cameras these days or even with a half decent phone!! You can give us your ideas on the Eurovision, on where you are from, where you live.. anything really!! And I am especially targeting all you people traveling at the minute to send us some clips from wherever you are in the world right now. Use your imagination!!

    Clips should not be longer than two minutes.
    For more information post a comment here or contact me at:

    Thank You!! xx

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