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    Ok so this is going to be a short one, for the simple reason that there isn’t much to talk about. I haven’t read the original comic it was based on, and frankly, if it’s anything like the movie, I don’t think I want to.

    This is a boring movie. It was always going to be a "style" over "substance" movie, but, they forgot to bring the style.

    Instead they try to fool you with brief shots that are supposed to evoke a sense of being cool, but they don’t follow through. The action is bland and uninteresting, with the exception of a car chase near the beginning which is ok.

    It’s like the makers decided to show a series of cool effects and forgot that the action accompanying it had to be interesting.

    The plot is wafer thin and tries to be clever and deep but instead ends up being shallow and under developed, as are the characters.

    Imagine if the matrix had no kung fu, just a series of bullet time shots with no purpose other than to look "cool". That’s Wanted.

    The actors don’t even bother to phone in their performances, they text it, using text lingo that.

    The truth is, the film is at least half an hour too short. The movie never really gets going , the characters are hollow and uninteresting.

    In fact, Terence "Kneel Before Zod" Stamp managed to outshine the other actors despite his limited screentime, and even then he failed to impress…definitely done for the paycheck.

    This is one of those movies that frankly isn’t very good, not even as pure popcorn fare. This is a rental at best. The "cool" shots simply aren’t wortj going to the cinema to see.

    Final Score:


    Avatar photoSeanBreathnach

    Damn! I’ll be avoiding that. Thought it looked like a film with no story alright, but if the action is also Kak, well – I’ll be giving it a skip.
    Speaking of crap films and 3/10 -have you seen "shoot ’em up"? I watched that one with a hangover, and it was far from pleasant.


    Watched this , didn’t find it as bad as Vad says , Would put it between 6 – 7 out of ten . some cool ideas , James McAvoy is much more convincing than I thought he’d be. Editing isn’t perfect for the car chase ( too quick in my opinion) you do have to suspend disbelief a little , but not as much as with some flicks though. I was surprised with the twist , I’d normally see that coming but I didn’t this time . It wasn’t a waste of a visit to the cinema , but I wouldn’t cry if I missed it till DVD.

    And c’mon , It’s got Angelina Jolie ffs !!

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