Thinking of buying a Sony HRV 1000e, need advice!

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    I’m really thinking about buying a sony hvr 1000e. Now I’ve used it and thought it was only alright, i kinda bashed it. But its unfair to do that at the price its at. It offers focus ring and 1080i as well as {XLR inputs and it really is as cheap as you can go while still getting XLR inputs}. <<<< it doesnt actually have XLR inputs !!! its got regular 3.5mm jack for a microphone.

    Does anyone own a Sony HVR 1000e ? what are they like ? Where can you buy em cheap? I can get it for 1500 + 13.50 for shipping at , or from creativevideo for 1200 minus vat. But I’m not sure how much the vat would be. Anyways looking for ANY advice! Cheers, looking forward to what ye gotta say =].



    Just decided I’d edit this post as ive now found the same camera for 1491 including delivery + HDV tape + long life battery. The Battery would be 220euro including shipping from pixmania, from these guys its like 109euro, its half price!. so camera,battery + tape in a pack price comes to 1491. Beats the crap out of pixmania and there not bad price wise usually. Also found the actual camera for about 1260 on its own. =/.

    Guys i really need some help here. I’ve shot on a few cameras alright and would know pretty much all the functions ya need to shoot nice video. I suppose i need a camera bag too, anyone know where to pick one up cheap? i mean there about 150 upwards to like 350 euro ! for a bag… i just dont understand that.

    Cheers !


    It’s a very good , beginner camera I reckon as it allows you to learn a bit about using filters , has reasonably good features for a HDV consumer camera
    It gives you a little scope alright , but is really aimed more towards the pro am videographer ( y’know , the uncle who brings a camera to the wedding / christening / communion )

    For pure film purposes , it seems that the canon 7D 5D and 550D seem to be the things to get at the moment , which while they have their own limitations and concerns , are capable of far better images when in the best conditions that any HDV camera is capable of in it’s best conditions

    I could go into great detail on all the particular drawbacks of both systems . but I reckon that overview is enough , ( and I think you already know the drawbacks on the HD 1000e )



    Canon 550D is what you want about 800 bucks… Denis MacSweeneys

    Full HD progressive, interchangeable lenses could go on forever but just google Canon
    DSLR Video and you’ll find out plenty.

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