That time of year: St. John’s is on the loose!

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    God I haven’t been here in ages.

    This is kind of an informal thing but the time is approaching for the students of St. John’s College to pitch their scripts and hopefully set about filming them. I’ve read a few really good scripts this year and competition is going to be fierce (almost 40 scripts with 10 being made) though our fate is going to be in the hands of first years, which should be interesting.

    Filming will take place some time in March and there will probably be casting sessions at some point before then, so any actors who may be interested in auditioning should check with any acting groups or the film department of St. John’s in the coming months. I’ll try to post information here too, mods permitting.

    On a related topic, starting on the 11th November (or 12th…it’s not 100% yet) on Wednesday (or Thursday) nights, directing students are going to be presenting scenes from various films. Any actor’s who may be interested in taking part, shoot me a PM (I personally need 2 male actors over 25 to perform a scene from the Usual Suspects on the first night). For most of the students, it will be their first time directing anything, which should be interesting. But it’s also a chance for actors who are interested in the 15 minute shorts to perform in front of the potential directors before the casting sessions and maybe form a relationship.

    I believe there are three scenes being presented per night, between 6 pm and 8 pm.

    I don’t remember people from St. John’s posting about these things here before (maybe I just missed them) which surprises me but I’m hoping to change that this year.

    So if anyone is interested in participating in the scene presentations and would like me to pass their contact details on, shoot me a PM or email me at:


    Quick update.

    There will be an open casting session on Monday 9th November in St. John’s College between 6PM and 8PM. Anyone who is interested should come along. Resumé and shots not required though if you have them then feel free to bring them in.

    St. John’s Central College
    Sawmill Street

    Room 208


    nice blurb vlad, nice to see what’s going on around the place and to hear what St John are up to is always an interesting read..



    So we had the casting session on Monday. Eight people showed up out of over a hundred contacted…frankly, given the weather and the apparent reputation of St. John’s, I’d almost call that a success :grin:

    Strangely enough, all but one of them were girls. Which kinda sucked for me because I needed to guys for a scene study on Thursday, but it makes me wonder if the men of Cork really are notoriously lazy haha.

    Seriously though, the whole thing was done at the last minute so we have no complaints. We are planning another one for after the pitches for the short films, by which time we will know exactly who is making what. I will keep this thread updated with news as I get it.

    On a related note, if any actors or actresses who come along to the casting sessions don’t have monologues for their showreels and would like one filmed, we may be able to accommodate you. If anyone is interested in doing that, I guess you can come along to the casting sessions as they come up or contact me either through a PM here or via email (first post).

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