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    Hey all not sure where to put this thread but i had an idea!!!
    Now before i post this i just want to say that i dont buy into to this film is my baby kinda stuff, no one can do what i want but me . I’m sorry but that is why a lot of people never make anything. being too precious about their stuff. what i propose is: I give a director a script i’ve written and want to see made and they give theirs to me that way two films get made. I know that i’m going to get some stick about this and yes your own work is important but i feel that not enough films are getting made, loads of talk about films myself included and i feel its time to get off the fence. The reason i believe this will work is because it’ll take the pressure off the writer/ director as they will then only have one hat to wear if you follow me. It’ll also allow writers to get a monkey off their back so to speak. I know i have a few scripts that are stopping me moving on until they are made.

    Any way these are the ramblings of a broken man. Sunday drive is on the back burner.

    Any comments



    I really like this idea Oisin, but i think from past experiences that the script needs to speak to the director aswell, it has to be film that the director wants to make, not one they have to make, I think the only way for this to happen is to create a pool of scripts that a director can claim, That way the director gets the film he wants and the writers knows that someone who genuinely likes the material will treat it as it deserves, with respect. But it is defintely something that we could try out, why not let this thread be the starting point,

    If someone would like to volunteer their scripts and have them open to be directed by others, stick em in the writers forum, any writers who have not got access to the writers forum can request access by just sending me an email or a PM.

    Be sure to mark the topic or thread as OPEN SCRIPT!!


    Thanks Dan. Appreciate the comments. I also feel that if the script is in the most completed form as possible i.e closest draft to completion the better.
    I have at the moment three script ( I THINK) posted on the writers section two of which I’m open to let someone else direct them:


    I’d like to offer these as the first scripts. Any body interested can check them out in the writers section. I’ll also post them here for any director who is not in the writers group in their latest drafts.


    Any interest !!!!!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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