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    Is there anyone out there ……………………… I mean is there anyone out there who knows of a place in or as close to the City (Cork) as possible where a cast of about ten can rehearse ?


    you could try the firkin crane centre…spacious rooms/stage/tea & coffee … not a whole lot of parking though as its fairly central to the city centre


    have used it myself, they do charge I think €50 for the privilege though. they are a nice bunch though and very willing to accommodate.


    Thanks Dan, I’ll give it a try, I had heard about the Lee Maltings but havn’t a clue who administers that, I know its UCC but beyond that ???
    Cork Arts theatre is mad expensive and you have to be quiet while plays are on,
    The Unitarian Church on princes Street is not always available, Cork Deaf Centre, Not always available and as for getting in touch with the Arts office in City Hall, I’d get word back from Elvis before they reply.
    I’ll give the Firkin Crane a bell.
    Thanks again


    Middle Parish and South Parish Community Halls are also other options .
    For the Maltings I’d call in there to security and ask them , or phone if they’re listed. Firkin Crane is good though ( and might be cheaper than 50 euros depending on room , length of time etc )


    Cool man, thanx for the contacts dudes, I’ll have myself a walk around tomorrow and see what I can get.
    Happy New Year !

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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