Radioheads New album , price it yourself !!

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    Really ,
    Have a look at and their new album in rainbows , is available to preorder for download on the 10th.
    When you go to the check out it says , how much would you like to pay ( that’s for the download ) there is a box set for £40 but you still have to download the songs ( i think they give you some vinyl and some prepressed blank cd’s to burn it on and artwork and so on )

    This internet thing is really starting to shake stuff up eh ?


    Got the link to download it(10x 160kps Mp3’s (No DRM)) this morning. First impressions are good. Thinking about the box set (2xCD 2xLP Art work) but £40 is a lot. – May not work due to the (Surprise Surprise!)amount of traffic there getting.

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    I listened to the album on Oz radio this morning. They played it start to finish. It sounds great -very chilled out. Though I’d need a few more listens before I could rate it.

    BTW – thanks for everything at the weekend, Adrian. Your acting was spot on!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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