Quentin Tarantino Buys egomotion for USD8.4mil

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    Having spent a long time in Secret negotiations I can now announce that Quentin Tarantino has bought egomotion,
    Lock and Stock,
    When asked about the Purchase Quentin said
    " Well I been thinking about retirement for quite a while , it’s tiring being such a genius and having to constantly be the best , so after I met the guys [ Sean and Dan ] at the Dublin Premiere of "Death Proof " I started thinking about what I could do , to give back some of my genius , so we started talking about it and this is the move we came up with. I’m gonna take over this website and group and mold it , in my own image. Of course no-one will match my cinematic genius , but there’s a better chance of them getting close if I take a full role in telling people what to do and how to do it, y’know ? "

    Of course the website will still be the same great place you know and love , we just won’t be making short films anymore , just all feature films, under the direct supervision of Quentin.

    Me , I’m taking my 4.1 million USD and buying a cottage in West Cork and raising goats !




    Congrats Sean.
    Now you can finally afford to move outta Cork! :wink:


    Well Hi kids !

    Are we all pleased with the news ? You’d better be , because I am gonna shake this up big time , it’s gonna be great , it couldn’t be anything but , I mean I am the greatest , anyway, Down to business

    Not quibbling the numbers here really but it’s 8.4million TWD , read the contract you signed suckers.

    Ok so anyone with a really great feature , PM me and we’ll have you over to the pool , for a tequila sunrise or whatever and a chat about making tons of cash out of it , Everyone else , start begging for parts , Flattery works too

    Looking forward to it !


    Deals Off
    I just checked the exchange rate on Taiwanese new dollars

    176,941.00 EUR

    You can stick it ,

    and by the way look at the signature on the contract Q

    Sean P Mortimer ? who is that guy. I don’t know him , Does he own any web forums or filmmaking companies Huh ?

    Siooma QT


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