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    Online media is getting bigger and bigger by the minute and the production industry is growing alongside this. I am hoping to find someone with producing skills to help out with concept projects, I have created, that are prepared and ready for production. The problem I’m finding with this is that I want to ensure these productions are to professional standards and the more I put in the more I realise help is needed to achieve a successful end product.

    The person will need to have some, or lots of, experience with online media. These projects have been designed to be distributed through online networks and hopefully with the right people and intuition, they should prove successful. I am personally based in Cork City and a lot of these productions will be produced in Cork City. Ideally, if I can generate enough media, I will be looking to fundraise projects and build a bigger production.

    If you are interested, even to just converse about the projects I have in mind then feel free to email me at

    I am currently designing production briefs.

    This is a genuine post and I hope it doesn’t sound like an international email bank scam

    Any questions then just reply away.

    Thanks <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />

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