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    Hi All

    We’ve been running the [url:2uk0ozml][/url:2uk0ozml] news site now for a few weeks and are delighted with the responses we have been getting.

    Our hope from the start for the Crewger blog was to turn it into the ‘Aint It Cool’ or ‘Empireonline’ of the (real) independent filmmaking scene in Ireland.

    Hopefully we can turn Crewger into YOUR new site – your way to connect with an audience, to promote yourself and your projects.

    To do that we need you to make it as good as it can be.

    Apart from the day to day news, we would love to get [b:2uk0ozml]reports from events screenings and festivals [/b:2uk0ozml]from around the country. We’re Dublin based but dont want the site to be, so if you want to pomote any relevant events or have a short report on an event that has already happened, do let us know.

    We would also be very interested in building up a series of [b:2uk0ozml]profiles on independent filmmakers[/b:2uk0ozml] out there in the real world. We’d like to visit the sets of your current projects, or talk to you about your work to date, or join you in the editing room as you finish your master opus.

    We also know that there are alot of people out there with alot to say, so if you have any [b:2uk0ozml]guest articles [/b:2uk0ozml]you would like to contribute (from the state of the Irish film industry to the world of onlinie film festivals, do let us know).

    You can contact through the ego motion site or at

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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