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    I just got this from Howard at CINE-CAFE:

    ‘Seeking short films suitable for screening in Bealtaine Festival 2011 during May, which will see the sixteenth edition of this nationwide festival that is held every year at this time by the charitable organisation Age & Opportunity.

    Last year CINE-CAFE participated in Bealtaine for the first time, putting on a considerable number of screenings during May at different venues around Dublin of a specially-themed selection of recent short films all of which featured older-aged people to the fore in their principal cast and/or crew, both to entertain and also to illustrate Bealtaine’s overall theme over the years of ‘celebrating creativity in older age’ in one of the most modern of all art forms.

    The show was called ‘Older…?’ and its programme made good use of the significant number of recent Irish short films that suited its theme: think ‘Teeth’ (featuring actors Niall Tobin and Niall O’Brien), ‘The Wednesdays’ (featuring actors such as Des Keogh and Pat Laffan) and ‘Rolla Saor’, all of which were made with Irish Film Board funding. Other suitable films have been made with private funding eg Ken Wardrop’s ‘Undressing My Mother’, ‘Farewell Packets of Ten’ and ‘Bongo Bong’, Conor Horgan’s ‘The Last Time’, Brendan Muldowney’s ‘The Ten Steps’ and Tiffany Hodder’s ‘Like Swimming Underwater’.

    ‘Older…?’ will be touring again during the month of May this year as part of Bealtaine 2011. As last year, this CINE-CAFE ‘special’ will be touring to various locations around Dublin, showing the shorts at cafes, bistros, pubs and community centres – indeed at any venue that has a plasma-size tv or a ‘big screen’ with the capacity to show this themed selection of shorts on a dvd player. This year I plan to take the film show to venues outside Dublin too and so I’m looking for suitable venues around Leinster (and even beyond) in which to put on the specially-themed filmshow.

    I’m also seeking additional short films that will fit in with the express theme of this film show ie ‘to celebrate the creativity of the older-aged’. If you have made a short that you feel might be suitable and are prepared to lend a copy of it for possible screening during this year’s month-long Bealtaine, please contact me by e-mail at, to discuss the matter.

    You can find further information on our new Faceboo page, on the Events section: … 8615502560

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