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    We’re a [very] newly formed co-operative, based in Cork, Ireland, that freely resources the development and production of independent arts projects. A DIY, one–stop shop for people tired of seeing artistic activity being commodified, turned into an economic resource, marketing tool and lifestyle accessory. A resource for people who need support to make work outside the narrow confines of mainstream culture

    Independent work is often difficult to produce as the production structures that govern mainstream cultural activity are either unknown, unavailable, out of reach or simply don’t exist. Mutant space is our attempt to change that

    So how does our little punk shop work? Well, as with all co-operatives, mutant space works by individuals collectively pooling resources for their own mutual benefit. To be member you put whatever available skills, materials, information and time you have into the bank, scrapstore, network and forum. These resources are then available to the entire membership so that everyone can play, create and produce new work, no matter who they are, where they are, what they do or when they do it

    As well as managing the co-operative we also host our own projects, help promote members events, encourage and develop new working relationships with members across the country and are always looking to improve our existing tools and resources. Why? Because we want independent arts projects to flourish without being compromised and mutant space is how we’re going to do it

    So, if you’re interested in building an alternative economy take a look around our site. Check us out at[url:172m6c34][/url:172m6c34]

    As well as all that we’re launching our online magazine in Novemeber so if anyone wants to write/contribute an articles/short films, etc to it please go to our FORUM and get details or email me directly at or just post up here – the deadline is Friday 24th October.

    Hope it goes well on Thursday for you all



    Cheers M

    I’m looking forward to the interesting things that’ll come out of this !!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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