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    Its been quite a while since we went touting for new members but we feel its time to go getting some new names in here!

    So tell, phone, email, fax, txt, or whichever floats your boat to every film-maker, actor, writer, etc you know, and tell them to register!

    Lets get some threads going too guys,
    we want to hear what you have to say.

    [b:aed14]We want you![/b:aed14] [i:aed14]campaign
    begins now![/i:aed14]


    It’s a great site, in fairness, just what Cork needs. Maybe as well as using word of mouth, explore other options too, like try to get some free plugs from the film festival? Get an ad in the guide or something?


    We are currently in dealings with the film festival, precisely wat you say. also check out tottaly cork this month <img loading=” title=”Cool” />


    :grin: i’m new HELLO <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />


    Hi Claire !
    Welcome along.



    Hi guys i m Cristian a brand new member and i m so exciting that a website like this exist, (sorry for my english but i m italian and they dont teach very well this language at school) anyway i did a course in Florence in Tv & Production and was so good as well i m trying to do the same here in Cork at st.james college, of course if i will pass the english test!! Anyway my dream is making documentary, especially animal documentaries, but i like short movie in general as well, i made 2 short movie for an italian festival called "VideoMinuto" very very interesting, if you like find out about this, this is the link:
    by the way i hope to keep going in this field bye bye
    i would like to put my picture but i didnt understand how to do it, help me please!!!
    tanks bye


    hi guys new hre.
    dan said drop in and say hello. done work on films as extras crew etc.
    we now have a lot of ww2 gear and a couple of vehciles. if you are thinking of anything ww2.give us a shout. well anything with firearms etc, we have our own
    101st airborne


    hey, got any pictures to give us an idea of what ye have, might be handy for inspiration :grin:


    hi we are urrently setting up a website for the group.the best ting ye can dofor the moment is go to salute on the 25th nd 26th aug in swords. more info at you can see us in action at the show. failing that try my bebo page not much on it at moment i only just bought a decent camera and will post more shots soon.


    just told of a video done at a recent show, they done it with a helmet cam.this is a taste of what we do enjoy

    Avatar photoSeanBreathnach

    That looks seriously impressive <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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