Mutant Shorts filmmaking event for Midsummer fest.

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    Hi Everyone,
    Just letting ye know about an upcoming filmmaking event that will take place during the Midsummer festival in Cork. Myself and Fiona are helping to organise this with the people over at MutantSpace [url:g7n0ez34][/url:g7n0ez34]..u can read about it hear on the Mutation E-zine [url:g7n0ez34][/url:g7n0ez34] but I’ll paste the details below aswell. It’s called Mutant Shorts (adventures in filmmaking). I’m hoping it will be’s been a while since there was a Cork filmmaking event..ever since the Kommando 24 hour contest ended.

    Anyway, let me know what ye think!

    Venue: TBC, Cork

    Date: Monday 22nd June – Friday 26th June

    Time: TBC

    Tickets: TBC


    We’re inviting groups of people to get together and create their own short films.
    This is not a competition but an opportunity for participants to make their own short film [10 – 15min] and show it in Cork during the Cork Midsummer Festival and in other venues around Ireland as part of our touring festival.

    The showcase will have a theme which will be announced online on Saturday 13th June to ensure everyone has the same amount of time in which to produce their work. Film makers will have a week to make their short after which we will screen the shorts in various locations around the city. The work can then be changed and mutated before the next screening

    All resources of can be used for shorts and we will be working hard to ensure that this project gets as much exposure as possible

    If you’re interested in getting involved please email for details
    Deadline for inclusion in the project is Friday 29th May
    Please note all participants have to provide their own equipment


    That sounds great!

    Let me know if there’s anything we can do to help?

    Avatar photoSeanBreathnach

    Looks good! There’ll be plenty of interest in this I expect.


    Thanks! If anyone is especially interested in helping to organise this, sure let me know..we’ve got a google doc going at the moment where we’re sharing ideas about it.
    Other than that, spread the word! I’ll type up something proper about this soon and maybe ye could stick it on the Egoblog? thanks <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

    Oh I see you already posted on the blog…thanks! <img loading=” title=”Smile” />


    This sounds cool. Love to help out in some way. <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />


    Thanks Adrian, if you’ve a gmail adress (just to make it awkward u need one to add to google doc) send it to me and I’ll send u the doc link.


    what is the best way of seeing if there is enough people willing to go for it…?
    As well as running [url:333asg08]http://www.mutantspace[/url:333asg08].ie im also a director of Arttrail and we’re doing a video weekend next weekend (23 – 25th) in a number of venues around town so I could use those venues for the MUTANT SHORTS [adventures in film making] – its a start – I could also talk to the lads in the Pav. As i know very little about film I can take on the role of getting venues…ill also be sending off PR this week to the Midsummer Festival so if anyone has a more cohesive way of writing aobut shorts please send it in to Gemma or me at If you send me an email with a gmail account we can stick you into our google doc (collaborative documents – very handy for this kind of thing)
    thanks alot



    I’m looking forward to this one !!


    Sounds great!

    And if ye by anychance need a short blonde actress, I may just be that lady :wink: :wink:


    we seem to have loads of interest. Would egomotion be up for sponsoring a small prize? just a wee one….? Im going to go ask FILM CENTRE next week to
    Im going to be getting posters designed etc later in the week – just layouts and am wondering if egomotion want to officially get involved – if so ill need a 300dpi logo off you
    Im sending dan a proof of the form to be filled out…could you let me know if its good to go and then ill post it up on the ezine?
    thanks a million lads and lasses – this is all looking good – oh and what ewas the PAV like ads venue for your CORK ROCKS film last year?


    Pav was a great venue , can’t reccommend them enough , they were A1 and the venue is just beautiful .

    I would consider limiting numbers though a little as it gets a little uncomfortable for a long session when people are standing , but if the programme is broken up ,, or if the numbers are kept down it’s great .

    I’ll sponsor a prize Moray , PM me , or give me a buzz to sort the details

    BTW that google doc thing wrecked my head !!


    Thanks for the sponsorship – something small… docs can be a pain cause its a bit slow and saves as it goes so……..
    Im going to go see Pav today- if any of them are around. The Roundy would more than likely do it but its a small venue and Id need to get a better PA in….
    If anyone is interested I have put a form up online at [url:1a3roajh][/url:1a3roajh] on the
    Anyway thanks for all the help….i really hope people get on board and go for it.
    Looking to document the process as well………


    It would be great……!!


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