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    Just to say we’re hosting another short films competition to be screened on the 26th November 2009. We ran a successful one in June (get more info in our ezine @ [url:1jc5jznn][/url:1jc5jznn]). Below is the form or you can go directly to our ezine and get it there…..

    [url:1jc5jznn][/url:1jc5jznn] is kicking off its second Mutant Shorts competition. All entrants will be screened on Thursday 26th November @ the Savoy, Cork as part of our mutantspace event that will be going on from the 26th – 29th November.
    We have decided to run the competition as an ongoing film series called ‘Mutant Rooms’.
    It is our intention to develop this series over the next few years and in doing so create a unique collection of films based in different rooms, by different people, in different genres

    For the competition in November we will be beginning in the kitchen. The title of the competition is:

    MUTANT ROOMS: A Kitchen

    • All films must be located in, around and about a kitchen
    • All films must be under 10 minutes
    • All entries need to be registered before 5pm on Friday 30th October
    • Deadline for having your film included is Friday 20th November

    Please note that ‘a kitchen’ could be inside or outside; at a campsite, woods, in a van, caravan, etc. The film can be told from the point of view of someone/thing living in the kitchen. It could be a documentary, a tv show, a revelation over a cup of tea. The possibilities are endless despite the limitations. Whatever happens in that space, that kitchen, is up to the film maker.

    All films must be in DVD format and delivered to:
    Goldiefish Events • YMCA building • 11 – 12 Marlboro Street • Cork • Ireland

    1. All entries need to be registered before 5pm on Friday 30th October
    2. All participants have to provide their own equipment
    3. Deadline for having your film included in the screenings is Friday 20th November

    Name of Team:

    Name of Director:

    Contact Name:

    Email address:

    Phone Number:

    If you’re interested in getting involved please fill out this form and email to

    For more information go to our ezine @ or go to

    For more information on go to our website @

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