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    Hi all,

    Haven’t been on here since before Christmas, was on a job. Wanted to let ye know about a new project and hopefully scare up some volunteers.

    The project is the first of two music videos for a Cork band called Brains. The track is part of a 6-song taster CD due out in the next couple of months. In general theme, the video is a kind of zombie barbeque / dancing at the crossroads / night-time rock n roll shoot. There will be a number of outdoor locations – some dusk/sunset time, some (unfortunately) at night.

    This is what I have:
    The song (will be professionally mixed and mastered)
    The cast (band, plus four leads, about 20 extras)
    Costume & props
    Make-up (though would appreciate help with prosthetics and blood)
    Fairly detailed plan (storyboard, scene breakdown etc.)

    This is what I need:
    Cameras (and someone / people who know how to use them)
    Lights (as above)

    So it’s basically the technical end of things where I need the help. And not just in terms of borrowing stuff – cameras and lights are not my area of expertise, and I’m looking for people who can advise and collaborate on this.

    You can have a listen to a demo of the song here – [url:u64f5l99][/url:u64f5l99]
    The song is called [b:u64f5l99]Strange Meat[/b:u64f5l99].

    Fire out any questions you have and maybe we can get this ball rolling.



    i’ll volunteer myself and my camera (7D) and if your really stuck as an editor mate.

    my email is


    That’s great Dan – thanks! Will mail you there.


    Hello, I would maybe volunteer, but I have to say that I have not much of experience and I just got my new camera 2 days ago (7D as well) so I wouldn’t think I could help a lot since I’m new in these things.. <img loading=” title=”Smile” /> Although I would love to try and learn at least. And two cameras is always better than one, right?


    Thanks Vajao, if it suits you to come along when the shoot is scheduled that would be great, I’ll get back on to you when there’s a definite plan. Thanks for the offer, hope you’re having fun with the new camera.

    Have to say, fair play to egomotion! An editor and two camera dudes in the space of 24 hours? There must be an easier way… <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />

    Checking a couple of locations in the next few days. Should be able to get pre-pro done by mid- to late March.


    Hi Rhona. I’ll be more than happy to get involved in this project if it’s done at the weekends. I can work camera, offline editing, tea stirring, etc. <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

    You look sorted for cameras especially with the 7Ds :p
    if you need a hand with locations or pre-production just let me know and I’ll help out. Are you looking to get all of this filmed in Cork? City or County?



    Hi Paddy, thanks for the offer. Hoping to shoot over two evenings, not sure yet if it’ll be a weekend. Most likely location will be north county Cork area, still looking at a couple of options. All out-doors though, so we’ll be waiting on a dry forecast.
    Should have some more solid plans in the next week so will re-post here then.
    Hope the course is going well.


    is this project dead or I missed it already? Any news?


    not dead, v,

    just nothing in concrete yet, Im sure once a schedule has been set out someone will be in contact, as for learning about the 7D, using one on a shoot will definitely get you up to speed fairly quickly.


    Most of the prep is done, scene lists and a basic shooting plan, cast, most of costume, locations figured out. Will post more details when we have ’em.


    Glad to hear this, Good luck. <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

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