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    Hi all,

    I’m doing some work with a big group of session musicians: trad, blues, folk, bluegrass, rock, etc. and we’re looking to get the ball rolling on filming one of the nights, to see how it works out. It will be the 21st of January though I am awaiting confirmation on this.

    There’s a house based in the Southwest of Cork, about a half hour’s drive from the city (if even). We’re looking at getting an "other voices" themed programme put together. Initially this will be broadcasted on YouTube & Vimeo, etc but there’s the intention of taking this further especially as Cork has such an amazing but underrated music scene when it comes to national attention.

    This is a big favour I know, but I’ll repay you with good karma and biscuits and petrol money if there’s a budget <img loading=” title=”Smile” /> We’re looking for 2 camera operators, preferably someone using a DSLR or a reasonable standard def camera and someone that could provide lighting (nothing too large as we’re looking for a minimal setting). The sound will be captured by ourselves and a pro-tools mix will be completed on this ensuring that the final footage is of the best of quality.

    Unfortunately this is an unpaid project for the time being, but all footage captured can be used for showreel footage and all people involved will receive credits.

    If you have any queries or you would like to get involved please email me at


    I’d love to tag along Paddy , Sounds really good

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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