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    [quote:9ed38]Those that weren’t particularly interested in that project don’t really bother themselves with doing anything for it , writer gets annoyed and says "well I’m not working on anything for them " and it all falls apart .[/quote:9ed38]

    i dont think this would happen i believe that people on the forum are mad to get movies made and it may even encourage others who are afraid to pitch their idea or even post it to gets together with a producer director and thus a creative partner ship is born. i also believe you miss took me on the whole funding idea sorry if i gave that impression what i was trying to get across was that the resources are in place to start making some fantastic films from word go but we need to be selective in the sense that everyone here has a few projects on the go at the same time and if we could direct that energy into making two or three great films a year it is not a bad start. i know not every one will agree with every selection but i think that people on this forum just wanna be involved in the film making process in anyway possible.

    but like i said there are obvious holes in this plan that need to be sealed. the reason i posted it was because i looked around at some posts and saw that there are a few people ready to go into production on their piece and are asking for help.

    even if they just pitch their idea at a future short screening some people don’t have access to all the scripts posted here so maybe we could do it that way to start with. plus like i said it would be invaluable experience to any one who has a script shortlisted for a grant or to be produced or something like that and also it might breed some creative patnerships.

    are there any others here who feel a pitching session might benefit them in some way? for some it could just be for advice?


    Well then , looks like we should have a good look at that and thrash it out at the first AGM. I’d like to keep it clear of Futureshorts though ,Futureshorts is Futureshorts, and it’s for short film lovers more so than Filmmakers. If were going to have Pitching sessions then maybe in a more suited atmosphere to that.

    "Sean":2e04e wrote:
    Well then , looks like we should have a good look at that and thrash it out at the first AGM. I’d like to keep it clear of Futureshorts though ,Futureshorts is Futureshorts, and it’s for short film lovers more so than Filmmakers. If were going to have Pitching sessions then maybe in a more suited atmosphere to that.[/quote:2e04e]

    I agree any pitching should be kept well away from future shorts. What happens if I pitch this really cool film with loads of exciting stuff and explosions and what not. The audience loves it and think that would be a really cool film and I’d like to see that film. The film is voted if for by the majority. Then it turns out it would be really difficult to make this film.

    The audience might not think about all the practicalities of filmmaking and plus what are they risking by selecting a certain film.

    Also maybe I could tell a bunch of my mates to come along just to vote for my film.

    And another thing. Who in their right mind would want to pitch a film in a bar to crowd of people? If there is to be pitching have it to members in a suitable location or to a select group…


    HI. I just came across this thread and think you’ve really got the bones of something good started here.
    One thing however. The whole Cork only angle thing is a bit narrow. I for one come from Dublin and wold love to be involved (Bearing in mind that i can write and that’s it. Although i wouldn’t mind trying a bit of acting. But enough about me)but some people might get the impression (rightly or wrongly) that if your not from Cork your not welcome.
    I understand that most of you guys that run this site are from Cork and that’s fine. But somehitng like this could very quickly spread into somethiing bigger reguardless of wheather or not you want it to[*].

    I would recomend that you relax about trying to keep it small. Make you movies in Cork while most of the partisipants are there but don’t cut yourselves off from the rest of us, either phyisicaly or mentally.


    Realistically , when we set up this site we had a good long discussion about whether or not to attempt to be National , and we decided that there was no point in spreading ourselves too thin. It’s hard enough to keep momentum at the best of times without claiming to be national and really just not doing anything for anyone outside of Cork . Hence a Geographic Focus , it does allow us to meet people and get them involved in shoots without anyone being too put out .

    It may not be so apparent to a writer , but travelling is a major killer to an actor or crew member . Realistically is an actor going to travel at their own expense from Donegal down to Cork for rehearsals readings castings or shoots ?
    Answer is 99% of the time no and the other 1% you really feel like shit when someone goes to the effort and then you have to say " sorry I haven’t got anything for you " Same goes vice versa.

    For that reason we decided our focus would be the Cork region . It’s not exclusive or anything , just practical. That said there are members from around the country , ( it’s a good way to have contacts down here if you are travelling down for stuff ) A writer writes wherever they are and has a lot more flexibility in terms of how they communicate with a Director
    or producer ( face time is still important , it just doesn’t have the same overhead as it would have with actors and crew ) I know I personally work with writers from outside the region. It’s harder but worth it in my opinion.

    We are going to try and organise an AGM for this club idea . I’ll get on it as soon as a few things quieten Down , But I’m thinking now that maybe sometime between Patricks Day and Easter might be good
    ( maybe Holy Saturday )

    How do people feel about that ?


    I object on religious grounds <img loading=” title=”Razz” />

    What about Easter Monday? It’s a Bank Holiday so most people shouldn’t be busy.


    i’d love to be there on that weekend but i have a christening easter saturday night and on easter monday i have to move house so any other time would suit me to be honest.


    Maundy Thursday anyone ? or the Wednesday before Easter


    I’m easy lads. If it’s on and i can make it, i’ll be there.


    i don’t want to seem like its being shaped around me but the wednsday would suit me more


    Ok ,
    Apologies all for my laziness / business over the last few weeks , but I haven’t forgotten about this and I still want to Go ahead.

    I’d like to Propose we have an initial meeting one evening 1st 2nd 3rd 4th or 5th of May.

    If every one could check their Diaries and confirm availability around these dates I’ll go and get us a room in the City centre for an amenable time . Once we fix a date I’ll Mail everyone with the details and we can go and start the first ever official filmmakers Co-operative type club thing in Cork ……

    The initial meeting would be to
    Vote on the constitution / rules of the club
    Vote on Officers of the Club
    Set out an agenda for fundraising
    Figure out the membership fee.

    To make the thing fully official I think we should have a nominal membership fee ( 1€) that we all put in the Kitty on the night, and once we have an insurance policy ready to go ( hopefully within a month of forming the club ) we’ll have a better idea of annual membership. I think we might be able to start somewhere around the 50€ mark and see how it goes for the first year.


    Avatar photoSeanBreathnach

    I am free definitely on the 1st, and more than likely the 5th.

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