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    Well Apple , along with the launch of the iphone 3G and the App store for iPhone 2.0 and iPod Touch 2.0 launche a revamp of their service for online storage wepspace and email stuff .
    I’ve had the dotmac for a while and never found it inspiring but it did a few things I needed it to do .

    Today I’m taking a look at the newly revamped mobileme service at ( automatically I got transferred to the new service .

    Now it’s the first day , its taken them 4 times as long to transfer over and I’ll bet that around the world new iPhone users are all clamouring for it ( because it is a must have with an iPhone ) so I can understand why it’s alittle slow and also why It drops on me from time to time . I’m sure Apple will sort out the loading issues soon and everything will run hunky dory .

    But I did get in for a brief minute and let me tell you , this is the cloud computing weve all been waiting for . Seriously , it’s not a website , it’s a Web Application , of the best. I’m really gee’d up about it .
    In fact today is the first time in the 7 years I’ve worked for this company that I have been able to look at an external email account. it’s good . Now most of the functionality ( online storage , email address , calendar ) is probably available free ( in Beta ) from Google . Fine . But now I think this is going to be worth the €70 a year subscription. It looks slick and the stuff that’s going to happen with this ( automatic push syncing to all connected devices , and god knows what else coming up )
    Photo gallery , your own webpage and all the rest Is going to make it a real tangible worthwhile thing to have. All without annoying ads . Brill .

    But it’s down at the moment so I’ll have to wait a while to fully explore the thing. I’ll try and keep ye posted !!

    ( It makes me want to buy an iphone , but I hear they’re all sold out !! )

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