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    Hi All
    The time has come for the annual StormLight / Egomotion lighting workshop. Last years event in the Savoy was a great success. (except for my van getting towed <img loading=” title=”Confused” /> ) The plan is for sometime in early June. Please post any ideas you have to make this years workshop even better. Maybe a two day event? (Although I think thats some kind of horse thing…)
    Rupert Mac

    PS There was some talk of a production sound day as well, let me know if people want this.

    PPS Oh as usual the workshops are free!

    Avatar photoSeanBreathnach

    Excellent! That’s brilliant news. Last years one was great.


    Wow – sounds super – can’t wait, fair play!!!!! :grin:


    I’d definetely be ineterested in this…I remember that it was on last year but I did’t make it. I’m always saying I need to learn more about the technical side of stuff..even if I don’t end up ever being in charge myself of lights or sound on something, I’d like to know what people are talking about all the same! A sound production course would be great too. <img loading=” title=”Smile” />


    Excellent! Looking forward to it already anything you need just let us know kiddo


    Hey Dan
    Was thinking of asking the Savoy again, but does anyone have another venue?


    Been thinking about this and I do have some alternatives to the Savoy , but it really is the best location. Only other thing is that it might be interesting to do a little on exterior lighting , but that may not be practical.
    The other alternatives are
    1 the firkin crane , but it is smaller less varied and hasn’t got as much length and Height , but we could get it for very reasonable. It’s a busy spot.

    2 there’s a possibility of access to a number of school hall type places . ( Farranferris is one )
    but school halls aren’t ideal as there is the lack of total blackout .

    3 Granary , might be possible ( but I think it costs )

    4 Dans Kitchen for Greenscreen ( inside Joke there !!)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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