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    Marcus Bale

    Le Coq-Based Workshops in the upcoming months in Barcelona, Spain

    I am helping to organize a series of different Intensive workshops
    this summer in Barcelona based on the work of Jacques LeCoq.

    The teachers are Simon Edwards & Marian Masoliver. They both trained
    with Jacques Le Coq in Paris and worked all around the world as
    performers, directors and drama teachers.

    I have trained with them in the last few years and the quality was so
    high and the workshop so enjoyable, that I started helping them with
    the organization of the workshops because I wanted to get more people
    to know about them and go to train with them. The feedback I have
    been getting in the last few years from the people that joined these
    workshops has been wonderful!

    – What are the different workshops?

    1 – INTRODUCTION TO CREATIVE ACTING 1st to 5th of April 2010
    (including arrival and departure dates)

    2 – THE CREATIVE ACTOR from the 18th to the 31st of July 2010
    (including arrival and departure dates). This workshop has a two day
    break on the 24th and the 25th of July.

    3 – ACTING FOR CAMERA from the 3rd to the 16th of August 2010
    (including arrival and departure dates).This workshop has a two day
    break on the 9th and 10th of August.

    4 – THE CLOWN from the 20th of August to the 2nd of September 2010
    (including arrival and departure dates).This workshop has a two day
    break on the 26th and 27th of August.

    5 – ADVANCED CLOWN 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of September
    (including arrival and departure dates).

    6 – DIRECTING PERFORMANCE 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th
    of September (including arrival and departure dates).

    Here is some info about each workshop:

    WORKSHOP 1: Introduction to Creative Acting (1st – 5th of April)

    This workshop is for anyone who wants to contact, explore and develop
    their creativity through acting.

    – Games
    – Improvisation
    – Storytelling
    – Masks
    – Relaxation
    – Clowning
    – Devising

    Introduction to Creative Acting’ offers a voyage of personal discovery
    that allows you to identify your creative potential, in a supportive
    and non-competitive environment, where you can give acting a go with
    no fear or risk of failure…
    If you have never done any acting before but always wanted to, or you
    work in a related field, or you are simply interested in the
    experience that acting can bring, this is an opportunity for you to
    have a creative adventure.
    Remember when you were a child and you just played for hours and
    hours… well, this is what this workshop is about: FUN. Come and play,
    allow yourself to be creative! It’s in your nature, reconnect with it!

    WORKSHOP 2: The Creative Actor (18th-31st of July)

    Inspired by the teachers work with Jacques Lecoq, this essential
    training gives a comprehensive experience and understanding of the art
    of acting. A ‘must do’ workshop for anyone who wants to seriously
    deepen their knowledge of dramatic and comic art.

    The group will be working with carefully developed progressive
    exercises and techniques that release the creative power of the actor,

    – Replay of daily life – by observing the world around, the actor has
    to convey authentic daily life situations and incident (without
    exaggeration or distortion). This work with space, timing and action
    is a vital building block for later performance and creation.

    – Neutral Mask (essential dramatic presence) – this mask allows the
    actor to simplify and modify their own physical habits and
    idiosyncrasies through a series of special improvisational exercises.
    The actor learns to unlearn and uncovers the body’s full dramatic
    potential as a blank page, which later can take on different dramatic
    states and characters.

    – Children (play, energy, imagination, state and innocence) – the
    innate play instinct that we all share is the driving force of
    theatre. Through this liberating work the actor becomes released from
    inhibitions and self-consciousness. Freedom and spontaneity are
    accepted as our natural state. We then start to channel this ability
    into more sophisticated play and games (dramatic and comic creation).

    – Mask Theatre (including mask making) – developing the expressive
    power of the performer with movement, stillness and the dramatic
    attitudes of the Mask. By using masks in training the ability of the
    physical actor becomes greatly increased.

    – Theatre Creation and Performance – Dynamics of a scene, rhythm and
    crescendo. Identifying the motors in the dramatic or comic situation.

    WORKSHOP 3: Acting for Camera: From stage to screen (3rd – 16th of August)
    This workshop is designed to train the actor in techniques that have
    been developed specifically for film or TV acting. A fine-tuning
    experience that enables the actor to find and give a true performance
    for the camera without distortion or exaggeration.

    The group will be working with:

    • Physical Listening & the Senses.
    • Script Work, Cold Reading & Analysis of Text.
    • Fundamental Techniques for acting for the camera.
    • Character’s Inner Voice.
    • Character through Action.
    • Rehearsing and Taking Direction.
    • Working on Set.
    • Creating your own filmed work.

    This innovative approach is performance led and allows the actor to be
    a fully creative artist and not just an interpreter of text.
    Throughout the workshop participants follow a series of specially
    crafted exercises leading to working in front of the camera (on set).
    During the course an ambience of teamwork is created allowing actors
    to work together in a creative way.

    This workshop is about empowering the actor which has great value for
    the participants and often leads them into professional work in the
    film industry.

    "Coming from a performing background we realized that the actor’s
    power was being overlooked and more often that not was only being used
    as a cog in a machine. Drawing on the training we received in Paris
    from Lecoq (teacher to Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush, European actor of
    the year 2000 Sergi Lopez and Steven Berkoff) we took these principals
    of dramatic/comic creation and developed them specifically for the
    techniques of Acting for Camera." Simon Edwards on the ‘Acting for
    Camera’ workshop.

    WORKSHOP 4: The Clown: The Secrets of Comedy and the art of the
    ridiculous. (20th August – 2nd September)

    The Clown makes us laugh but how? Some people seem to make us laugh
    just by walking onto the stage but why? A ‘Master class’ in the art
    of Comedy, led by Simon Edwards, teacher to some of today’s leading
    international comic actors.

    Working with each actor’s personal comic presence, we begin to
    understand and develop comic action and timing. We will be working

    1- Comic presence (finding your own Clown)
    2- The smallest mask in the world (the red nose)
    3- Comic action and timing
    4- The flop, fiasco and cascade
    5- Comic relationships (solos, duos and trios)
    6- Numeros (circus, cabaret)
    7- Theatre Clown
    8- Clown on Camera
    9- Comic Creation

    This workshop offers an intensive training and comic creation where
    the actor discovers his or her own personal ridiculousness.

    WORKSHOP 5: Advanced Clown: “Getting your Act together…” ( 4th – 10th
    of September)

    This workshop is for performers who want to create a professional
    Clown Act, or build a solid foundation for a whole show by working up
    one or two scenes. You will provide the idea and the context for the
    piece (Theatre, Cabaret, New Circus, Street, etc.) and we will help
    you bring it alive.

    The Process

    From our experience of creating shows with numerous professional
    Companies we have refined our approach into a 3 part Creative Process.

    Training: This stage naturally puts you into a state of discovery and
    receptivity and opens you to new possibilities that go beyond your
    initial idea.

    R&D (Research and Development): At this stage everything is possible.
    You are not yet devising so you can freely generate material, get it
    wrong, get it right, etc. with no pressure to come up with the
    finished piece as you are just trying things out, however silly they
    may seem.

    Devising and Rehearsing: Before you know it, you will find yourself
    devising and rehearsing as you naturally move forward into structuring
    the work. You will have felt the need to contain all the great
    creativity that was flowing during the R&D stage and give it form and

    Finally there will be a Public Performance, where you can try out the
    piece with a real audience here in Spain before taking it home.

    At each stage in the process we will stimulate, coach, guide and direct you.

    Whose it for: To attend this workshop you need to have done the Clown
    workshop with us (or you need to have trained in Clown with a teacher
    who we recognise as having a similar approach). If you come as a group
    at least one of the members must be experienced in Clown.

    WORKSHOP 6: Directing Performance: Directing your Project (Theatre or
    Film) (13th – 19th of September)

    This unique workshop is for anyone that wants to direct Theatre or
    Film professionally. It is a ‘hands on’ practical experience where
    Directors will work with Actors and Writing.

    You, as a Director, will be able to develop your own approach to
    creating Drama or Comedy, confidently guided by intuition and
    imagination but always within a solid structure:

    – You will learn how to direct actors by giving them a freedom and a
    structure at the same time, allowing them the chance to create their
    best work.

    – You will learn to devise scenes and work up scripts.

    – You will also learn how to recognise good writing and develop it
    (not everything is playable).

    – We will cover the basics of teamwork. You will also experience what
    it is like to be directed.

    – You will fully experience the Creative Triangle: Writing, Acting and

    – Directors need to create a space and inspire an atmosphere where
    creative risks can be taken, without fear of failure and where effort
    and achievement can be recognised.

    What is the role of a director?

    Teamwork – Teamworks!
    The Game.
    Dramatic Motors / Dramatic Situation.
    Scripts, Text and Subtext.
    The Gap.
    Conscious vs Unconscious. Characters motivation.
    Directing the Scene and the Unseen.
    Writing and Directing Writing.

    – Where are these workshops happening?: The Actors Space ( – Vic
    (Barcelona)-). The Actors Space is located in a place of outstanding
    natural beauty, right in the heart of the Catalan countryside only one
    hour from Barcelona. The workshop takes place in a 16th century
    farmhouse, which holds accommodation for up to 20 people. The main
    barn has been converted into a large studio, this is where most of the
    workshop sessions happen (Its a BEAUTIFUL PLACE believe you me!).

    – How much do these workshops cost?: The price of of the workshops varies:

    2 – THE CREATIVE ACTOR: 650€
    3 – ACTING FOR CAMERA: 665€
    4 – THE CLOWN: 650€
    5 – ADVANCED CLOWN: 350€

    – What does this price include?: The price includes the fees for the
    Workshop + shared accommodation and all home-made Mediterranean meals!
    (Food is gorgeous!)

    – How can I pay the workshops?: There is a variety of possibilities
    to pay the workshops. It can be done via credit card, cheque, or bank
    account transfer. There is also the possibility of paying thes
    workshops in instalments. More info on this will be sent for you if
    you contact me expressing interest in booking a place.

    – Discounts:

    For ”The Creative Actor”, “Acting for Camera” or “The Clown” there is
    a discount of 50€. People doing “Introduction to Creative Acting” or
    “Advanced Clown” can get a discount of 20€.

    Who is eligible to a discount?:
    A – People who had already done workshops in the Actors Space before.
    B – People booking in groups of 2 or more (50€ discount for each
    person in the group)
    C – People booking to do more than one workshop (50€ discount per
    workshop they are doing).

    – Award Discounts:

    FOR EACH COURSE THERE ARE 5 AWARD DISCOUNTS. These discounts will be
    given to people with low income (students, unemployed, etc). The award
    discount is of 10% of the course. These discounts are given on a
    first-come-first-serve basis.

    If you are interested in participating in any of these workshops or
    want more information, please contact me:

    Email: marcusbale@gmail.com
    Phone: 00353-86-3173543

    If you know anybody who would be interested in participating in any of
    these workshops, please forward this email to them. Thanks!

    Best wishes,

    Marcus Bale

    Marcus Bale Cornally
    Snatch Comedy Improv Troupe

    60 Abbeyview, Kinsale,
    Co. Cork, Ireland
    Phone: 00353214772190
    Mobile: 00353863173543
    Email: marcusbale@gmail.com

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