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    That there will be a third screening of Give him a ball and a yard of grass in the Bodega on
    Saturday night

    From the Cork film Festival website !!!
    One More Show…. One More Show!

    Ok, the people have spoken and we have listened…
    we’d no choice really!

    ball grass
    The sheduled screening sold-out rapidly with people buying up to a dozen tickets at a time for themselves and their friends. Then the second show sold-out and now we’ve no choice but to put on a third screening of the Sir
    Henry’s -120bpm and The Shed double-bill!

    The two local documentaries have become a phenomena, the likes of which the festival has not seen before. So fair play to directors Keith O’Shea (Sir Henry’s -120bpm) and Ed Godsell (The Shed).

    If you’ve not already secured yourself tickets, you have a last chance for the screening on Saturday 20th, at 6.30pm. In the Bodega. Where else!


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