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    Hi all,

    New to the board. I’m John a London based film maker I am due to direct a short I’ve written this weekend (18th – 20th April) in Cork. However due to unforeseen circumstances I no longer have a camera person/DOP. I was going to postpone the shoot but seeing I had the flights already booked and with the words ‘the show must go on ringing in my head’ I thought I’d try to enlist some local help. The film is on a low/no Budget scale but I shall provide a DVD of the film to those involved.

    The film tells the story of a house (I have the location,that’s one thing <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” /> ), the memories it holds and it’s secrets. All the internal scenes, except one, have no actors only their voices. Although the sound is very important the film revolves around gliding camera which becomes this
    stories narrator. Its quiet a dark film with a twist (well it is a sort). Once it is completed I hope to
    send it out to film festivals in the UK and abroad.

    I’m pretty much a one man band, with various people helping along the way. I have recently finished my masters in Script writing and was looking to produce a short to gather interest in the feature I’ve written. I had a short film showed at Raindance (UK indy festival – [url:2sos8b2i][/url:2sos8b2i]) a few years back. In terms kit I’ve got the Panasonic HVX200 and whatever I can bring in my hand luggage. I was looking at hiring/borrowing some equipment in Cork too.

    So what I am looking for? lol quiet a lot…

    4 actors
    >> man & woman (happy couple) in the mid 20s to early 30s (no dialogue)
    >> Man (cheeky estate agent) Early to mid 30s (dialogue)
    >> woman (distraught Mother) Early to late 40s (no dialogue)

    Make up
    DOP/lighting – I can do the camera if needs be or can be an assistant to DOP.

    >> Lights, some sort of steadycam (merlin anybody?), integral to the story, a small set of tracks.

    >> A ‘for sale sign’

    So I’m not asking too much!

    If anyone is interested, would like to help/knows about cheap/free Equipment or would like to see the script let me know. Well thank you all for your time, I know this is all very short notice and probably foolish on my part, but God loves a trier :lol:

    Yours sincerely,

    John Cronin.

    Body in the Boot Productions (UK)



    Short notice eh John ?

    Anyways , we’ll see what can be done , at the least I’ll go for a pint with ya on Saturday night while you cry over not having everything .

    Steadycam types of shoots are very difficult to organise quickly , it’s a skill in itself to use em properly,

    Actors and actresses almost impossible to get on such short notice.

    A for sale sign I might have in my backyard , although it might have gone in the skip last year .
    Maybe we can find one Saturday night after a few pints ……

    Good luck !!


    hi john,
    i’m unavailable this weekend but if you end up postponing filming or are ever over here looking for an actress i love to help. i can send you my cv and headshot no problem.
    all the best with the film


    LOL! You’re right a few pints might be all I get this weekend. I do have a plan c, use a couple of cousins to act, hire a glidecam (I’ve used one before, to an ok’ish effect) and pop down to Mahon B&Q to get the wood to make the ‘for sale sign’ :lol:

    Well I’ll see what happens… I’ve got til Thursday and there’s always ‘plan p’ = postpone.

    Thanks for replying I’ll let you know how it turns out.



    hi John,
    maybe it is quite late respond, but just in case….
    not sure if you need a couple or you can make the couple of people who are available :lol:
    i am free on the weekend so if you need i’d like to help! :grin:

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