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    Morning all, My name is maurice supple, From Youghal originally, currently living in cobh.
    Spent the last 20 years in Dublin, My first gig was 7 weeks as trainee clapper loader on a feature with the amazing Seamus Deasey as D.O.P & Mikael Salomon as director. Since then worked on various shorts and films and anything that involves me shooting and editing. Recently moved back to good old cork and started shooting artists playing live n stuff, filmed a few too.
    I work a lot with my brother with blue shed productions, its just the two of us, although we have 2 guys that we rope in to help us from time to time, Kieran McCarthy at http://www.kmcgraphics.com/. the guy is a techno wiazard, & david farrell who is venturing off to st johns in september for his first year in filmmaking.
    Favorite thing we have done thus far is shoot the band the 4 of us in cypress avenue, 4 different videos can be seen on their websites http://www.the4ofus.com and http://www.brendanmurphyonline.com. I just contacted them out of the blue and asked could we film them, they said yes and off we went.
    Its amazing to get to work with one of your favorite bands. No money but i did get to spend hours editing stuff. nice.
    For my own stuff i tend to throw it into the darklandsfilm group add some nin and throw it up on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/supplevideo.
    We have our own equipment 2 canon xl2s, small hd cams, various lights reflectors and mic’s and edit on final cut. of course currently upgrading to HD arent we all…..
    Apple have forced me to go out and buy their new computer as my old G5 has seen better days and for the newest final cut it would have to be intel.

    Ive taken a break from the real world to make a documentary about Cobh and its 44% higher than normal cancer rates and why the government have just come out to say no bass line health study shall be done. Amazing how many people dont want me to pursue it already….

    well thats me, great to see a group like this i just found it if anyone needs anything just gimmie a holla.

    PS if anyone wants to purchase a little camera for under 200 the new ZI8 from kodak is really hard to beat, it looks like a mobile & we filmed a few gigs in the Pavilion with it and it looks great, has an external mic and software is already on it. shoots hd, 60fps or just normal for the tinternet, it comes with its own internal usb cable that flicks out at the push of a button and has all the software on the camera. like all small budget cameras it can be jittery and has problems with low light, battery lasts about an hour, but can be plugged in. I also just got a camileo s20 toshiba and at 60 euros more its so poor, grainy picture and awkward controls. so the ZI8, its better than anything else out there and cost a mere 160 euro. erm i do not work for kodak and I am not selling my one. go find your own…..cpl of examples below…

    Shot on ZI8 with internal mic
    Hypnotic brass ensemble at the pav…
    Reeps 1 human beat boxing champion at the pav…



    Welcome along Maurice

    Sure We’ll run into each other somewhere along the way !!

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