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    A few production stills from ‘Heart’ which was shot last weekend.
    Thanks to Karol Kaczmarczyk for the pics and lenses.
    Thanks too to all the cast & crew, the guys from St. John’s College and especially the kind folks at Cully & Sully who provided us with warm soup on a cold weekend.

    Avatar photoSeanBreathnach

    Cool. How did the shoot go? It was a cold weekend, but it looked like perfect weather for a shoot.
    How long is the film going to be?
    What camera did ya use?
    All the questions!



    howrya bob
    2 Canon 7Ds.
    Day 1, dull & rainy
    Day 2, low winter sun and very bright
    Day 3, even and dull

    Paddy Barker is selling nice reflectors for only 38Euro which made things a lot easier.
    The performances were really good and we wrapped Sunday evening with one shot left to get.

    I think the film will be about 10 minutes long, you’d have to ask Mark Cogan bout that.
    The race is on to have a submission cut ready for Fastnet, March 1.

    Hows things with ya, ill be out friday night if yer about for a pint.

    Avatar photoSeanBreathnach

    Nice one. Sounds great, P. Looking forward to seeing it. Someone’s going to be busy at the editing suite!
    I should be around on Friday alright – I’ll give you a shout :grin:


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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