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    This is renewed call for contributors.

    At the moment EGOMOTION have a few irons in the fire. If you would like to contribute to these projects in any way, we’d like to hear from you.

    If you have good organisational skills, technical talents, equipment, networking contacts, acting skills, a friend with a good location, a celebrity uncle, a three-legged dog, drop us an email or put a message on the forum.

    We especially need camera operators, lighting crew, sound crew, production assistants, make-up & hair, art direction.

    Dan’s upcoming entry in the Film Festival is very encouraging and from a personal point of view, the last year and a half has been great craic. I can honestly say I’ve got back far more than I’ve put in.

    You can too.


    I would love to get involved with egomotion. I can act, am creative, and am willing to lend a hand in what ever area I can!! I think ye guys are great – bula bus for getting this thing up and running.
    Congrats on the film festival screening – Ive just booked my ticket.
    All the best


    thanks boo, why not stick a photo of yourself up in the actors section?
    email myself, dan or sean with any ideas or skills you might have and we’ll try and match you up to a project.


    Couldn’t agree more Inky, well put.

    I have noticed over the past year there have been lots of new people joining, and not posting, we try to involve as many people as we can into what we are trying to achieve and the only way to get involved is by posting up your skills and interests, and by attending events and not to be afraid to approach and talk to any one of us. (i like to think we are approachable anyway)


    I’m on it!

    To be honest guys I was looking through your site a couple of times ,before I joined the forum bit, to find the ‘actors’ section but ( ok i know im blonde like ) I couldnt locate it!
    Am I missing something totally obvious?

    I have been to one of yere events – the future shorts in the roundy months back – I think it was the first one – really enjoyed it – some great shorts out there!

    So point me in the right direction oh wise wans! the actors arenaaaaaa!!!



    ok ignore last post –
    Ive found it

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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