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    Make a film from start to finish in ten weeks! (nine Thurs evenings and one weekend shoot) Learn basic camera, sound, lighting, editing and directing skills – a fun, hands on, very practical approach. Starts Thurs 30th Sept from 7-10pm in the Cork Film Centre, 50 Pope’s Quay, Cork. Runs for ten weeks, costs 295 euro, places strictly limited. Call 087 7911316 to book or checkout :grin:

    Eoin O hA

    Hi Ciara, I assume this is a beginners course? I’ve learnt most of my filmmaking skills from trial and error and books, but having made one short I’m not sure how much I’d get out of a 10 week beginners course?


    Hi Eoin,

    Sorry for replying months later!! I didn’t realise you’d posted me a question!

    I know this info is now out of date for the last course, but we willbe running this again in Sept so here goes – the courses are deliberately designed to suit absolute beginners but because you go through the entire process of making two (sometimes three!) films from start to finish it’s also very suitable for people with a bit of experience. No two are the same and no two shoots are the same and you learn something from every film you make, whether it’s your first or your tenth!

    It’s also been my experience that because the course is so hands-on and collaborative that people on the course create great working relationships and firm friendships that last way beyond the course and they often go on to make more films together after the course with the full support and backing of the Cork Film Centre!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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